Join the New Economy Coalition

Thank you for your interest in joining the New Economy Coalition!

First and foremost, we ask all prospective members to review our mission and values. These are the general principles that unite all organizations in our network. Agreeing in principle to these documents is the intial criteria for NEC membership.

The following are some of our membership policies. If you meet these criteria and are interested in learning more about joining NEC, please contact us here.


NEC is a member-based coalition of organizations with shared vision, values, and work. NEC members work collaboratively across geography and sector. NEC members provide guidance on NEC strategy and programs. 

Membership Criteria

In order to be eligible for NEC membership, an organization must:

  • Align with the values, vision, and mission of NEC
  • Align with the Jemez Principles for Democratic Organizing 
  • Have a direct connection to the work of NEC (currently work on new economy areas in at least one strategy) 
  • Strategic considerations: location/ region, issue area focus, organization leadership and community served, etc
  • Complete a Membership Application and Membership Call.

What does membership include?

As an NEC member you’re expected to:

  • Attend all-member calls
  • Participate in an NEC working group or strategy circle
  • Make an annual contribution to NEC (starting in 2021)
  • Additional expectations of membership will be covered in your membership onboarding call

As an NEC member you receive:

  • Direct connection to 200+ new economy organizations and opportunities to connect by sector, region, and interest area. 
  • Opportunity to join NEC’s collaborative working groups that work on exciting and experimental projects in the new economy space.
  • Scholarship support for NEC gatherings, events, and trainings.
  • Amplification of your work to NEC’s email and social media audiences (85,000+)
  • Technical assistance and shared resources.