From Tuesday to Friday, the New Economy Coalition will be hosting a panel discussion each day featuring community leaders from across the US and Canada. Check out the line-up below! 

#BlackLivesMatter #HandsUp (photo credit: 60 days ago a young, unarmed, black man was murdered by a police officer in Ferguson, Missouri. The extra-judicial execution of Michael Brown has unleashed the power of thousands of young African-Americans and their allies around the country who have been diligently organizing for racial justice in the face of ongoing state and corporate violence, oppression and systemic racism that has taken many forms including police brutality, mass incarceration, the war on drugs, economic divestment, redlining, environmental injustice and more.
We believe that rooting out systemic racism is integral to building a new economy and we stand firmly with the people of Ferguson as they take their place in the long struggle for racial and economic justice. This coming Friday, the people of Ferguson and their allies are calling for a national mobilization and we encourage you to take the following steps to support their efforts:
  • DONATE to Missourians Organizing for Reform and Empowerment to support legal fees, bail for protestors and supplies for the weekend of action
  • ATTEND the Weekend of Action in Ferguson during October 10–13th
A powerful movement has been galvanized calling for a system shift. A shift away from an economy in which black lives are expendable toward an economy in which #BlackLivesMatter.


After nearly three years of visionary leadership and service, Bob Massie will step down as President of the New Economy Coalition on October 1st. As NEC prepares for a transition to new leadership, board member Farhad Ebrahimi will act as Interim Director. 
I am writing to introduce myself as the new Interim Director of the New Economy Coalition, and I couldn’t be more excited about it! It’s a tremendous privilege to work with NEC’s incredible staff to advance and support the movement for new economies that prioritize people, communities, and the earth.
My role is to support the staff during the leadership transition to ensure that the momentum we have built so far in 2014 can carry us even further in the year ahead. With all that in mind, I’m excited to be able to share more about what’s next.

Many exciting things are happening at the New Economy Coalition! We have just hired some fantastic new talent onto our Organizing Team to build on our existing Youth and Student Network, jumpstart our Faith Communities Organizing and launch a brand new Racial and Economic Justice Initiative.

And we’re re-launching our Youth and Student grants program! Read to the end for more information about that program and how to apply.

This June, hundreds of 650 movement leaders, activists, practitioners, and newcomers came together in Boston for NEC’s largest and most significant convening yet. 

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