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A look back at our year so far! 🍅🌻

Jul 14, 2023 | News & Updates

There’s nothing quite as bountiful, vibrant and refreshing as a summer harvest. From sweet and tangy strawberries, to plump tomatoes, to juicy peaches, ripe fruits remind farmers the value of their hard, constant work.
In this spirit of abundance, we at New Economy Coalition are gathering the fruits of many years of pollination, watering and cultivation of the solidarity economy. Will you join our Solidarity Circle and make sure we have the steady, reliable resources to keep growing a regenerative economy for all? Tending to our crops has been a collective effort — including the fierce organizing of our members and the support of donors like you. With your support, we are:
Growing the Movement
We recently welcomed 32 new member organizations into the NEC network! NEC members are the incubators, basebuilders, networkers and practitioners of regional solidarity economy ecosystems. From food co-ops, to abolitionist community organizations, to Indigenous-led land trusts, this incredible new cohort brings important sectors, regions, and strategies that were underrepresented in the network.
Telling the Story of Our Freedom
Snippets from the most recent Creative Wildfire team retreat
This month, we are launching the second cohort of Creative Wildfire, in collaboration with Movement Generation and Climate Justice Alliance. Seven artists, each in partnership with a grassroots organization that is working to build regenerative economies, will create new art that inspires the world we need to thrive.
A screenshot from our most recent virtual Offers and Needs Market for NEC members.
Training Our People
Through regular training and popular education opportunities for NEC members, we’re providing our communities with the leadership development they need to effectively build, grow, and sustain local solidarity economies. This year’s offerings have included Economics 4 Emancipation Study Groups, Offers and Needs Markets, Narrative Strategy trainings, mini teach-ins, and policy presentations.



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