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Anti-Oppression Resource Bank and Curriculum

Jul 1, 2017 | Resources

Welcome to the Power Shift Network Anti-Oppression Resource Bank and Curriculum! We hope that this resource will provide concrete tools for our members and allies who are looking for concrete ways to center principles of justice and equity in their work.

* Why did we create this resource?
Power Shift Network members recognize that the mainstream environmental and climate movements have historically excluded and worked against Indigenous Peoples, people of color and poor people who are at the frontlines of the climate crisis. However, we also recognize that our movement is stronger when it is led and powered by these very people who, because of their lived experience, are committed to taking action to reverse climate change.

We know that it will take constant work to heal from the historical and present trauma within our movement. As, environmental organizations do the much needed work of building solidarity and trust with the frontlines, there is no doubt that challenges and tensions arise along the way. We hope that this resource will make it easier to work through these challenges so that we can create an equitable, just, inclusive and therefore stronger movement of young climate leaders.

* Who created this resource?
This curriculum and resource bank was curated by several of our network partners including: New York Communities for Change, RYSE Youth Council, 350 DC, Organize Florida and the UC Berkeley Students of Color Environmental Coalition. Rather than reinventing the wheel, we drew upon the collective knowledge and wisdom of social justice, environmental justice and grassroots organizations who have already created tools and workshops to help organizers root their work in principles of anti-oppression. Next to each resource is the name of the organization that created it.

* How to use this resource?
Click on the “Curriculum: Themes and Lesson Types” tab to find resources organized into themes and lessons that we think are critical for the youth climate movement. Here, you can find a variety of workshops and tools from understanding power and privilege to addressing inequitable power dynamics within your own organization. The resources are color coded to indicate if they are a complete workshop (green), a short activity or tool (blue) or a reading/recording (pink).

If you can’t find what you want on the “Curriculum: Themes and Lesson Types” tab, click on the “Other Anti-Oppression Toolkits and Resource Banks” tab to find compilations of anti-oppression tools put together by other organizations.



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