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Co-op Academy Curriculum

Nov 1, 2016 | Resources

Concept to Co-op: Worcester Roots Project, Boston Center for Community Ownership, Access Consulting and Cooperative Development Institute have organized a Co-op Academy, here's the curriculum!
1.1.1 Co-op 101 / intro to development process
1.1.2 Working Together
1.1.3 Products & Markets
1.1.4 Financials
1.1.5 Covering our Assets
1.1.6 Making Membership Meaningful
1.1.7 Personal Finance
1.1.8 Doing Business
1.1.9 Company Policies
1.1.10 Greening the Co-op
1.1.11 Youth in Co-ops
1.1.12 The Business Plan
1.1.13 Working with Non-Profits
1.1.14 Raising Capital

Authors: Stacey Cordeiro, Boston Center for Community Ownership; Matt Feinstein, Worcester Roots; TESA; Cooperative Development Institute



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