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Co-ops Not Cops, Largest Strike in World History & Rich Kids Against Capitalism

Dec 3, 2020 | New Economy Roundup

In this week’s New Economy Roundup, we’re talking about the intersections of cooperation and abolition, the historic general strike in India, how organizers are using direct action to build community control of housing, how you can support worker-owned business this holiday season, and more!

Stories from the Field

Art via Ampersand Books 

Co-ops Not Cops: Ruth Wilson Gilmore writes that, “abolition is about presence, not absence. It’s about building life affirming institutions.” On this theme, GEO Collective held a beautiful and important conversation earlier this month about the role of co-ops in police and prison abolition work. Watch the recording of “Co-ops Not Cops,” featuring NEC board member Ed Whitfield, Esteban Kelly of NEC member organizations the US Federation of Worker Co-ops and AORTA, Morning Star Gali, and Jessica Gordon Nembhard.

The Rich Kids Who Want to Tear Down Capitalism: This week, NEC member organization Resource Generation was profiled in the New York Times! Read how rich millennials are redistributing their inherited wealth to support the solidarity economy, and organizing other wealthy people to move their money to land-based reparations projects like Black Land and Power.

The Driver Cooperative: As companies like Uber and Lyft roll back the clock on labor protections, more gig workers are looking to platform cooperatives for better pay and working conditions. This week, in New York City, drivers announced the launch of the city’s first driver-owned ridesharing service. Learn more and support The Driver Cooperative in NYC via NEC member organization In Our Back Yards.

Solidarity Economies Abroad

Historic Strikes in India: Last week, over 250 million workers and farmers across India participated in the largest strike in world history. The general strike was called to protest new neoliberal agricultural and labor reforms by the Modi government, which would exacerbate wealth inequality and the economic impacts of COVID-19. Learn more about the historic strike and the working-class movement against neoliberalism in India.

Community Broadband in Oaxaca: For-profit telecommunications companies often leave out rural and Indigenous communities from their service areas or charge exorbitant rates for service. In Oaxaca, Mexico, a project called Telecomunicaciones Indígenas Comunitarias (TIC) is challenging this dynamic by offering affordable broadband service that is owned and democratically managed by the community. Read how TIC is building upon Indigenous values of self-determination, while blazing a trail toward the democratization of technology.

Basic Income for Artists: Earlier this month, a COVID recovery taskforce in Ireland called for a universal basic income for 55,000 arts and culture workers across the country. Though the proposal has not yet been adopted, it offers a vision of an economy that values and cares for artists. The city of San Francisco, CA also launched a small-scale UBI pilot program for artists in October.

Lessons from the First Wave

NEC member organization Shareable just released a new e-book featuring 25 case studies, interviews, and how-to’s showcasing community-led responses to the global COVID-19 crisis. From mutual aid funds to seed libraries to crowdsourcing data, read how communities around the world are responding to the pandemic with solidarity.

Movement News

Podcasts of the New Economy

Back in September, the city of Philadelphia agreed to put 60 vacant homes into a community land trust, following months of direct action and organizing by unhoused people. In this episode of the Next World Podcast from NEC member organization Partners for Dignity and Rights, host Max Rameau is joined by two organizers from Philadelphia Housing Action to discuss their victories and setbacks in their work to take over vacant housing in Philadelphia, and explore lessons for the movement for housing. Listen now.

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Upcoming Events

Against Punishment How do we imagine a world without prisons and policing? Transforming our punishment mindsets is a daily discipline. Mariame Kaba draws on years of creating and facilitating workshops that give people the space to articulate what true justice might feel like for them. Join her as she shares some of the activities developed, co-created, and found along the way. (Today! Dec 3 at 6:30ET – Online)

Workers and Just Transition: A Global View From the experiences of metalworkers in South Africa to coal miners in Spain, to the informal sector workers in Latin America, the struggle for a just transition is truly global. Join NEC member the Labor Network for Sustainability with labor leaders and activist leaders to hear perspectives, stories, and strategies from the frontlines of the struggle for a just transition abroad. (Dec 5 – Online)

Frontline Leadership to Transform the World Join NEC along with our friends at Climate Justice Alliance and Movement Generation to discuss how frontline leadership is the key to: cultivating local, loving, living, linked communities; democratizing the economy (#WealthBack); restoring sovereignty (#LandBack); localizing control of wealth (#Reinvest); and restoring social and ecological well-being ( #JustTransition). (Dec 6 – Online)

How Cities Can Use Participatory Budgeting to Address Climate Change In this online course, participants will learn how to engage more community members in participatory processes to address climate change, together. Experts from local governments and organizations around the world will share best practices, review lessons learned, and help participants plan the next steps for taking action. (Dec 8 – Online)

Returning to the Land: BIPOC in Conversation About Community and Self-Determination Join NEC member organizations Foundation for Intentional Community and Kola Nut Collaborative with Grassroots Economic Organizing to hear the voices of people working to reclaim the land and build community. This session will include panel discussion and live Q&A with BIPOC leaders in the intentional community and land reclamation movements. (Dec 9 – Online)

The Frontline Mass Calls: Learn. Connect. Act. The Election is over, but the fight for our democracy and our future continues! The Frontline, Movement for Black Lives Electoral Justice Project, the Working Families Party, and United We Dream Action invite you to join virtual town halls on Wednesdays in December and January to hear updates and analysis from movement leaders, engage in political education, and take meaningful action. (Dec 9-Jan 13 – Online)

Climate + State Violence: White Nationalism Webinar Join NEC member the Powershift Network for the last discussion in their fall webinar series, which will dive into the impacts of White Nationalism on movements for climate justice and collective liberation. (Dec 10 – Online)

Public Money and Racial Justice Join Haymarket Books with organizers from ACRE, People’s Action, and more for this conversation about public money, its connections to racial justice and how we can organize to demand it serves our interests. We’ll consider the federal government’s terrible response to the COVID-19 pandemic, budgets as political and moral documents, #DefundThePolice and #DefundICE, and police brutality bonds. (Dec 15 – Online)



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