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Resource List: Feminist & Popular Economies

Mar 8, 2023 | Resource List, Resources

Credit to Sogorea Te’ Land Trust for the beautiful “Rematriate the Land” photo featured in the image above. Support their work to return Indigenous land to Indigenous people through a land trust led and run by urban Indigenous women.

Pictured (left to right): Marielle Franco, Silvia Federici, “La deuda es violencia” – organizer with Ni Una Menos, Berta Caceres, member of Sogorea Te’ Land Trust wearing “Rematriate the Land” shirt, worker-owners at Mirror Beauty Co-op, women & girls of Rojava cooperatives, Toya Ex of Project Hustle & Black Liberation Co-op Academy.


On March 8, we commemorate International Working Women’s Day. We honor the struggle of women around the world fighting for liberation, economic self-determination, body sovereignty, political and cultural power.

We honor the legacy of those who fought, and all the women today resisting capitalism, colonialism & cisheteropatriarchy by building feminist and popular economies from below. We honor those resisting extractivism, precarity, debt & and all forms of exploitation, and those who are building their own economies to provide dignified work, visibilize networks of communal care, build solidarity and collective wealth, and protect against gender-based and state violence.

Check out the resource list below to learn about the theory and practice of feminist and popular economies. This list is just a start! Have more resources to add here? Send them our way at 





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