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Dec 16, 2016 | News & Updates

My name is Anand Jahi. I’m Program Director at New Economy Coalition, and I’m an organizer.I'm writing to ask you to donate to support my work and the work of the other organizers at NEC.

Before joining NEC, I organized low-income black and Latino youth so they could make their schools work for them. Before that I supported the unionization efforts of taxi drivers and security guards so they could make their jobs work for them.

And as valuable, as vital as this work was, I knew it wasn’t enough.

The barriers children and youth of color have to overcome in the U.S. are higher than we can knock down by fixing schools. The problem of exploitation of human labor is larger than we can solve by getting big companies to pay livable wages.

Now more than ever, we need to organize on a national and global scale to change a system that’s failing most of us.

"Black Lives Matter," photo by Nicholas Upton.

Every day myself and other NEC organizers are working to make this large-scale organizing happen.

But we need your support to keep doing this work.

Please make a donation today.

The time and skill of our staff are our greatest resources and are the most difficult to get funding for. We're counting on individual donations like yours to make it possible for us to keep going.

What does your donation do?

It allows us to bring hundreds of people together to share knowledge, strategize, and organize.

These people are experts across the spectrum of everything it will take to change the system—energy, cooperative ownership, political advocacy, and agriculture to name a few. They’re finding each other through ongoing forums as members of our coalition and through public events like our #CommonBound conference and our #NewEconomyWeek.

CommonBound 2016

Together, they’re answering questions like:

  • How do we move away from fossil fuels as a nation and at the same time move control of energy to local communities?
  • How do we organize against police brutality and at the same time support and create independent black-owned businesses?
  • How do we live the values of gender and racial justice in our work together as a movement?

And we, NEC’s staff of organizers, are working harder and getting better at connecting more and more people. Please donate to support this work.

Our coalition of organizations continues to grow. It now has over 170 members working together year-round for a new system, including members in the South and other parts of the country who are creating dynamic, innovative solutions in response to the needs of their communities.

Thousands of people watched online panels and attended live events for our #NewEconomyWeek, a week-long communications campaign in November 2015.

Over 900 people from from 44 states and 16 countries participated in our in-person #CommonBound conference last July.

The work we have planned for 2017 will be even stronger.

Please donate to support our work this month.

With your support:

We’ll work to change the mainstream economic narrative and to bring more people into the movement for the alternative system you and I both know is possible.
We'll plan our 2018 #CommonBound conference, taking what we learned from this year’s conference to create an even better space for the organizing we need to do. As with this year’s conference, we plan to make #CommonBound 2018 affordable for as many people as possible, and we’re going to need every dollar we can get to do that.

CommonBound 2014

We’ll strengthen our membership network by organizing an in-person gathering, providing new online communication tools, and supporting ongoing, issue-focused working groups so our members can share skills and plan joint action.

I’m asking you to have our backs as we go into next year.

Please make a contribution this December

Anand Jahi
Program Director
P.S. We still have these tote bags, and we’ll send you one to say thank you foryour contribution of $75 or more.

And to check out parts of CommonBound 2016 you missed or want to see again, please go here.



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