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Library of Things: A Cornerstone of the Real Sharing Economy

Aug 1, 2020 | Resources

Table of contents:

  • Coming soon to a library near you: A sharing culture
  • Libraries of Things continue to catalog success
  • The future of Libraries of Things is digital and bright
  • Public libraries are expanding the sharing economy by adding Libraries of Things to their catalogs
  • The lending ripple: How libraries of things are changing their cities for the better
  • World’s first mobile library of things travels around southwest England
  • How to start a Library of Things inside an existing library
  • What to consider when starting a Library of Things
  • Tool -sharing innovator post-mortem uncovers systemic issues in our convenience economy
  • Lending and community building at The Thingery
  • Unlocking travel for all as mobility-aid access moves to the Cloud



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