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#MakingWaves: Help NEC raise 100K by 2019!

Oct 12, 2018 | News & Updates

Right now it feels like every week brings a new flood of challenges and dark realities to the surface. In a sea of extremes, we are fighting the currents of domination, extraction, and exploitation.

At NEC, we are always working to grow our movement's power to change the tide. Today, we're writing to ask for your help.

Last year, we uncovered fraudulent activity by a former employee, which caused major disruptions to our budget. We rebuilt our financial systems and worked hard to fundraise, all while keeping our programs running smoothly and organizing the CommonBound conference in St. Louis this past July.

Despite our best efforts, NEC is still facing a budget crisis and needs your help.

Today, we hope you’ll be one of the first to help us turn this tide—to support NEC in raising $100,000 by 2019.

NEC bridges powerful resistance with potent solutions to the crises we all face. Our 200+ members are making waves, locally and globally — connecting at critical moments to shift narrative, decentralize power, and protect our communities. Together, we believe that we can turn the tide.

Will you make a gift today to ensure that our network recovers from this temporary setback with the strength to swim forward?

Your gift helps NEC change the rules of the game, as we develop a comprehensive Policy Platform promoting housing & land justice, worker cooperatives, climate resiliency, and community wealth-building.

Your gift shifts power and wealth by turning workers into owners, supporting members as they had a major hand in passing the first ever piece of federal legislation for worker cooperatives – the Main Street Employee Ownership Act.

Your gift helps resource experimental innovation on the frontlines of crisis, including just recovery and food sovereignty initiatives in Puerto Rico, black-owned businesses in Mississippi, and agricultural programs that support health and economic liberation for homeless and formerly incarcerated workers in rural Washington.

Your gift helps grow the movement of movements, supporting NEC to join the leadership team of The Majority, a multi-racial coalition anchored by the Movement for Black Lives, to develop collective strategy, deepen alignment, and build power for anti-racist radical democracy.

To quote the great Yuri Kochiyama, “tomorrow’s world is yours to build.” NEC is building, learning, and shifting. We need your support during this moment so that we can continue to make waves together. Every donation will help and no amount is too small!

If you think this world needs visionary solutions now more than ever, please give what you can and help spread the word

In solidarity and gratitude,

Shavaun, Kelly, Anand, Eli and the entire team at NEC

P.S. – Show us how you’re #MakingWaves! Tweet a video, photo, or a message to @NewEconomics on Twitter using the hashtag or post your video on Facebook or Instagram and tag @NewEconomyCoalition so we can build a wave of stories into 2019!



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