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New Economy Roundup: Black Co-op History, Strike Wave, Citizens’ Assemblies, Just Recovery in Turkey & Syria

Feb 16, 2023 | New Economy Roundup

This week we’re talking about Black co-op history, wins from the Black Solidarity Economy Fund, environmental catastrophe and just recovery, the state of strikes from New York to Europe, and more.

PS: NEC is Hiring! We’re looking for a Donor Engagement Director to guide our efforts in building a cross-class, multi-racial network of people bringing resources into the solidarity economy movement. Spread the word and apply by Feb 23rd!



Co-op History Is Black History

Black Co-op History: From mutual aid societies to freedom farms and credit unions — Black communities have been using cooperative economics as a tool for collective liberation, self-determination, and to resist the violence of racial capitalism for centuries. What we call the “solidarity economy” wouldn’t exist without this history and practice. We honor these legacies, and celebrate the radical Black cooperators in our network and around the world who continue to lead the solidarity economy movement and make new and liberatory worlds possible everyday. Check out our Black Co-op History Resource List for quick reads and deep dives into this radical legacy.

Just Recovery for East Palestine, Ohio: Our hearts are with the families and communities impacted by the train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio. In the midst of economic collapse and neglected democracy – where big corporations keep polluting the earth and creating unsafe and unhealthy conditions for all – people continue to come together to demand and find solutions to live in dignity. Read more about the railway unions’ demands for safety, and follow this thread for how to receive or give support during this time. 

Rent Strikes & Community-Controlled Housing: With the two-year eviction moratorium in NYC coming to an end, thousands of tenants are at risk of losing their housing. In response, NYC communities are doubling down to resist evictions and organize to bring buildings into collective ownership. Learn how other communities have taken on corporate landlords using co-ops, community land trusts, communes, and squats to decommodify housing. 


Earthquake in Turkey & Syria: We are holding the communities of Turkey, Northern Kurdistan, and Syria impacted by the 7.8 magnitude earthquake close to our hearts. It is clear that militarism against the Kurdish community and economic sanctions against Syria are compounding with the devastation of the earthquake. Mutual aid and just recovery are the bedrock of resilient communities — please donate to Heyva Sor A Kurdistane and these co-op relief funds and to support recovery efforts.

Europe strike wave: Strike waves are rolling across Europe this month with millions of workers in the UK and France taking to the streets to demand better conditions, better wages and services. Learn how French unions are moving towards even more radical “robin hood” tactics — cutting power to the rich and redistributing it to the public.

Citizen’s Assemblies from North America to Europe: In a world where democracy is controlled by elites, the ancient practice of citizens’ assemblies is regaining popularity. People are assembling to address issues from homelessness in Los Angeles to climate change in France. Read this story to learn more about their history, their efficacy and impact on democracy.

NEC News

In December 2022, NEC’s Black Solidarity Economy Fund working group redistributed $300,000 to 51 Black-led solidarity economy projects! Learn more about BSEF, the democratic regranting process, and each of the grantees.







Cooperative Developer, Cooperation Buffalo
Development Director, African Communities Together
Director of Communications and Resource Sharing, Tzedek Lab
Director of Resource Mobilization, National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy
Donor Database and Financial Account Manager, Agrarian Trust
Donor Organizer and Comms Support, NYC NOWC
Managing Director, Tzedek Lab
Part-time Research Consultant, Right to the City Alliance
Per Diem Grants Manager, Agrarian Trust
Pipeline Developer, Baltimore Roundtable for Economic Democracy
Program Administrator, A Bookkeeping Cooperative
Program Director, One America
Program Director, Resource Generation
Social Impact Campaigns Manager, National Domestic Workers Alliance
Summer Internship, Facing South
Workshop Facilitator, A Bookkeeping Collective
Various Positions, Project Equity
Various Positions, Rising Majority
Various Positions, Seed Commons


Bilingual Organizer, City Life/Vida Urbana
Capital Strategies Associate/Manager, Center for Economic Democracy
Co-Executive Director, Pa’lante Transformative Justice
Communications Associate, Center for Economic Democracy
Communications Associate, Black Farmer Fund
Communications Director, Abolitionist Law Center
Communications Director, Grassroots Global Justice Alliance
Chief Organizing Director, The Chisholm Legacy Project
Data Analytics Software Engineer, Drivers Seat Cooperative
Development Manager, Pa’lante Transformative Justice
Development Organizer, Labor Notes
Director, LA Black Worker Center – California
Donor Engagement Director, New Economy Coalition
Education Programs Manager, Frontline Farming
Executive Director, North Carolina Employee Ownership Center
Project Coordinator, Syracuse-Onondaga Food Systems Alliance
Racial Justice Organizer, Essex County Community Organization (ECCO)
Resource Development Manager, The Community Power Collective
Senior Principal, Grounded Solutions Network
Social Media Manager, Roosevelt Institute
Technical Assistance Organizer, Appalachian Community Fund
Various Positions, Black Futures Lab
Various Positions,Catalyst Miami
Various Positions, Environmental Grantmakers Association
Various Positions, Highlander Center
Various Positions, ICA Group
Various Positions, NDN Collective
Various Positions, Participatory Budgeting Project in Seattle
Various Positions, U.S. Federation of Worker Cooperatives


Making Reparations: Seeding a Just Future
Join the Schumacher Center to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the book Small is Beautiful. This event will invite panelists to reflect on themes such as production for local markets, cooperative structures, and the role of land in economic justice. These reflections are intended to open up a broader conversation on the topic of Seeding a Just Future. Moderated by Kali Akuno (Cooperation Jackson) (February 16)

A Breath Away From Freedom
This event, facilitated by Autumn Brown, will guide participants through a Black Feminist approach to healing the wound of disconnection inherent in white supremacy and racial capitalism. Participants will map the practices that will build a vibrant, multiracial movement, and remedy the fault lines that we are so often re-inscribing within our movements from the very culture of dominance and control we want to dismantle. (February 24)

Community Tech and the Solidarity Economy
This is the first in a series of events for Power to Change and Promising Trouble exploring the intersections of Community Tech with other fields of work and practice. This is the first in the event series on Community Tech and the Solidarity Economy. (February 27)

Co-Governing Toward Multiracial Democracy Webinar and Report Launch
Join Partners for Dignity and Rights for their webinar and report launch. They will be joined by three inspiring movement leaders from Black and immigrant community organizations to hear about their work and draw out lessons and challenges for communities and local governments interested in working together to advance racial and economic justice. (February 28)

Liberation Culture: Applying Solidarity Economy Principles and Practices
The solidarity economy movement relies on liberation from all systems of oppression for historically marginalized groups. PeoplesHub is hosting this gentle space to apply Solidarity Economy principles and practices that directly support a liberation culture. (March 6)

National Day of Action Against Police Terror
Several organizations are coming together for a national day of action against Cop City. This action to #StopCopCity will include a rally, march, civil disobedience, direct action, a banner drop, and a teach-in. (March 9)

Speculative Budgeting: Resource Management for the Future
Join A Bookkeeping Collective and AORTA for a creative experiment combining speculative fiction and budgeting. This session is focused on creating a joyful experience for participants to re-think their relationship to budgeting, which has historically been an oppressive, top-down and limiting process. (March 9 or March 20)

Atlanta 2 Palestine: Black Palestinian Struggle
The Atlanta Police train with the Israeli police, so the same tactics and strategies used against Palestinians are imported here. The same tactics and strategies used against Black folks are exported there. Come learn more at the Little Five Points Community Center in Atlanta. (March 11 – In person)

All Roads Lead Back to the Root
Back to the Root is a Pacific Northwest regional conference led by and for African and Black identified farmers, ranchers, urban growers, gardeners, food producers, educators and advocates. This annual gathering to network, will dig into Black history, discuss experiences and build strategies to empower Black communities. This is a Black centered event, but Native, Indigenous, Latinx and QTPOC community members are welcome to join. (March 17-20 – In person)

Building Worker Power Through Solidarity, Cooperation, and Care
In this time of economic crisis and ecological collapse, workers of all kinds are organizing to reject the alienation of racial capitalism. This conference explores the deep histories, current happenings, and future possibilities of collaborations between union organizing and worker-owned cooperatives. (March 24-26 – In person)

Labor Spring: Nationwide Worker Justice Teach-Ins, Events, and Actions
Join Georgetown University Kalmanovitz Initiative for Labor and the Working Poor for a series of teach-ins and events centered around ongoing current campaigns, pivotal historical moments for workers, racial and gender equity in the worker justice movement, and the crucial importance of this moment in labor’s history. (March 20 – April 21)

Autonomies in Practice: Colectiva El Cambalache
This gathering is the first of many to begin to define how people can incorporate autonomous decolonial and anti-colonial thought into their lives, work and knowledge. Colectiva El Cambalache invites everyone interested in learning, deepening and sharing, to this three and a half day meeting. (March 29 – April 1)

The Power Shift Network 2023 Convergence
A convergence that will bring together thousands of young people to skill-up to mitigate pending climate catastrophe through three days of trainings, workshops, panels, and actions. There will be speakers, workshops, an action, healing spaces, and more. (April 6-8 – In person)

Decolonizing Economics Summit
Join Decolonizing Economics for a 3-day virtual conference with an in-person closing ceremony on April 22nd in McKinleyville, CA. This Summit will serve as a space to exchange experiences and information, strengthen alliances and networks, and to devise strategies to decenter colonial systems and implement concrete solutions to heal the land and people. (April 20 – 22)



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