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New Economy Roundup: Defend Abortion Rights, Queer Cooperative Love, Public Banking for Racial Justice

Jun 24, 2022 | New Economy Roundup

This week we’re talking about resisting the overturn of Roe vs. Wade, queer and trans-led cooperative organizing, liberated zones in ATL, how public banking can advance racial justice, solidarity with resistance in Ecuador and across all borders, land without landlords, and more.


Fighting for our Bodily Autonomy: Today, as anticipated, the Supreme Court turned its back on hundreds of millions of us who depend on safe reproductive health care. As we enter a new era of abortion bans that will disproportionately impact poor & BIPOC communities, we look to the people who have always resisted and kept each other safe outside of the state — from the extensive networks of in-home abortion care in Mexico and across Latin America, to Black abortion doulas in the South. We call on everyone to prepare to “aid and abet abortion” and resource your local abortion funds. Much love to everyone in the streets!

Queer Cooperative Love: During Pride Month, we reject rainbow capitalism, instead lifting up the fierce resistance movements and deep cooperative practices that marginalized queer and trans folks have always created to survive. Learn how queer cooperators continue to resist and build community-controlled housingfarm collectivesworker power, and more. We especially love this interview with Nijil Jones, a worker-owner at Pecan Milk Cooperative – a licensed food manufacturer, democratic worker collective and long-term institution rooted in Southern Black queer and trans communities.

Liberated Zones: In June, we celebrate not only Pride but Juneteenth and the continued struggles for collective self-determination in Black communities. For the occasion, NEC’s monthly member meeting hosted Atlanta-based organization, Community Movement Builders. We learned about how they approach Black liberation through mutual aid, community organizing, safety/cop-watch patrol, community gardens, cooperatives, and a sustainability fund for local residents. Learn about their work and support them this liberation month. You can also check out NEC’s Black Solidarity Economy Fund (BSEF) grantees who are building a Black-led solidarity economy movement.

Public Banking 4 Racial Justice: As part of pandemic recovery efforts, a coalition of Black and brown and working class New Yorkers have organized and called for the creation of a city-owned public bank. To support these efforts, NEC member organizations New Economy Project and DEMOS have come together to create “Banking for the Public Good,” an in-depth case study urging policymakers to restore public control over public funds. Read more about public banking as a strategy for anti-racist organizing.


Solidarity with the hundreds of thousands of Ecuadorians who continue to resist as the national strike enters the second week.

Solidarity Beyond Borders: Last week, NEC attended the People’s Summit – a counter gathering to the exclusionary ‘Summit of the Americas.’ Over 200+ organizations endorsed the summit – including NEC members like Fair World Project, NASCO, CodePINK, Parable of the Sower Intentional Community Cooperative, TransitionUS and others. Catch up on all the panels, and in particular, check out this panel on internationalism to hear organizers from “the front lines of different struggles share perspectives on how they develop solidarity across differences, building unity, strength, and resistance in the face of U.S. imperialist violence and oppression.”

Platform Coops in Brazil: This coming Fall, the Platform Cooperative Consortium will be holding their annual conference in Brazil for the first time. Read about the exciting movement for platform cooperatives in Brazil, including opportunities, challenges and the road ahead.

Spain Invests in Social Economy: This month, the Spanish government announced that it will be investing an unprecedented $800 million euros into the social economy around four pillars: worker buyouts, boosting digitalization, social economy hub organizing, and the care economy. The hope is that these investments serve as a model for other European countries to make major investments into the social economy.







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Advocacy and Campaigns Manager and Digital Communications Manager, Institute for Local Self-Reliance
Chief Operating Officer, Center for Cultural Power
Communications Coordinator, The CoFED
Communications Director, Green New Deal Network
Communications Director, US Federation of Worker Cooperatives
Development Director, Shareable
Director of Development, The Laura Flanders Show
Director of Education and Training, US Federation of Worker Cooperatives
Donor Relations Manager, North Star Fund
Executive Director, Making Contact
Guilded Member Services Manager, US Federation of Worker Cooperatives
Organizer: Economic Justice, WePower (St. Louis)
Local Power Organizer, Resource Generation
Project Manager, Esther’s Orbit via East Bay Permanent Real Estate Cooperative
Program Officer, The Climate & Clean Energy Equity Fund
Senior IT Worker, Palante Coop
Supply Chain Coordinator, Equal Exchange Coop
Various Positions, ChaniApp
Various Positions, Highlander Center
Various Positions, Sustainability Solutions Group Co-op

Various Positions, Action Center on Race and the Economy
Various Positions, Black Farmer Fund
Various Positions, Black Futures Lab
Various Positions, Gulf Coast Center for Law & Policy (GCCLP)
Various Positions, Higher Purpose Co
Various Positions, Kentuckians for the Commonwealth
Various Positions, NDN Collective
Various Positions, PolicyLink
Various Positions, PUSH Buffalo
Various Positions, Right to the City
Various Positions, UPROSE
Various Positions, Urban Homesteading Assistance Board (UHAB)


World Localization Day
Throughout June 2022, people across six continents are organizing virtual and in-person gatherings to raise awareness of and celebrate localization. Find events near you and join a month of local celebrations all over the world! (Online & in person – June 23- July 5)

Solstice Solidarity Summit
Mutual Aid Network’s Solidarity Summit will celebrate and further trans-local work. Meaning we focus on doing cool work in our communities, whether they be geographic, interest-based, or social – and on connecting between our communities to share knowledge and other good stuff. (Online – June 25 & 26)

Practicing as an Artist in the Solidarity Economy
A series for creatives to practice solidarity economy principles, get inspired by other aligned artists, participate in creative self-reflection, and weave networks of mutual support. (Online – Session 2 & 3, June 27th and July 5th)

Farms Not Factories
Join HEAL Food Alliance to hear how representatives from ASPCA, Land Stewardship Project, the North Carolina Environmental Justice Network, are organizing against factory farms and changing policies to move us towards a future where sustainable animal agriculture is the norm. (Online – June 28th)

LGBTQ+ Leaders of Color on an Intersectional Environmental Movement
Join Green 2.0 and Powershift Network for a discussion with #LGBTQ+ leaders of color on what needs to happen to create an intersectional environmental justice movement. (Online – June 28)

Monthly Offers & Needs Market
Your gifts are valuable. Your needs are important. The Offers and Needs Market is a simple, fun, and effective way to share both with members in your community and connect with the diverse forms of wealth that we all have.Imagine a combination of speed networking, timebanking, and Craigslist. That’s what the OANM experience looks like: a simple 2-hour guided virtual or in-person process, where in small rotating groups, participants share their offers and needs. (Online – June 29th)

CJA’s 2022 Climate Justice Dialogue Series Part 2: Organizing New Economies on the Ground
Join CJA members to learn about what Just Transition looks like in frontline communities, community-controlled economic infrastructure, and an introduction to Reinvest in Our Power’s bold campaign to philanthropy. We’ll be joined by five movement leaders and one of the Alliance’s co-EDs for a conversation, followed by time for Q&A. (Online – July 20)

Socialism 2022
Join thousands of leftwing activists and authors in Chicago to share lessons from history, learn about socialist and abolitionist ideas and organizing, discuss current struggles, and debate current issues on the left. (In-person, Chicago – September 2 – 5)

National Worker Cooperative Conference
This year, the national Worker Co-op Conference #WCC22 will be held in person on September 9th & 10th in Philadelphia! After years of being unable to gather in person, we’re excited to remind ourselves of #WhyWeComeTogether to build power not only as workers, but as owners in the #WorkerCoop movement. (In-person, Philadelphia – September 9 & 10th)

Young Worker Conference
The Labor Network for Sustainability is holding a Young Worker Convergence in Los Angeles on September 15th-18th. Its purpose is to bring together young workers who feel that unions and union members have a crucial role to play in responding to the climate crisis. (In-person, Los Angeles – Sept 15 – 18)

Highlander Homecoming
Pre-registration is open. Highlander Center is excited to announce the theme and dates for Highlander’s 90th Homecoming Celebration! (In-person, Tennessee – Sept 30 – Oct 2)



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