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New Economy Roundup: Housing for All, #PeoplesBudget, Asian American Solidarity Economies

May 6, 2021 | New Economy Roundup

This week we’re talking about why community ownership is a vital COVID recovery strategy, how public banking can build the solidarity economy, the national strike in Colombia, Asian American solidarity economies, resources to build your own #PeoplesBudget campaign, and more.

Stories from the Field

Illustration by Nina Yagual/@beautifulhoodcrumb for the THRIVE Agenda

Housing for All: As eviction protections come under fire, an estimated 9 million people are at risk of eviction, with Black and Latinx renters most at risk due to underlying inequities. Read this new report from NEC member Policy Link about how community ownership of rental buildings — through models like community land trusts and cooperatives — is a vital COVID recovery strategy to protect neighborhoods and create stable, affordable housing for all.

Public Banks Now: Public banking is a key strategy to building the solidarity economy. As Public Bank NYC puts it, once municipal funds are in the hands of a public bank, “they can be diverted out of extractive industries and into green energy, small businesses, workers’ cooperatives, and community land trusts.” Check out Next City’s new e-book about how organizers across the country are advancing public banking in their cities and states.

Community-Controlled Infrastructure: Back in March, the Biden administration announced a plan to invest $2 trillion to modernize the US’s aging infrastructure. As Thomas Hanna of NEC member The Democracy Collaborative writes, it’s vital that “those investments are made in a way that strengthens, rather than undermines, community control and democratic public ownership.” The Rural Power Coalition is one group organizing to make sure these funds are used to build democratic control and cooperative infrastructure — follow and support their work on Facebook and Twitter.

Solidarity Economies Abroad

Image from People’s Forum NYC

Colombia National Strike: Since April 28, tens of thousands of Colombians have taken to the streets in protest of the Duque administration’s regressive tax reforms, escalating police violence, and state repression. Join this People’s Forum NYC event on May 7 to situate the current protests in the context of a larger struggle against neoliberalism and the Colombian people’s fight to achieve a dignified life free of violence.

India COVID Crisis: 
The scale of the COVID crisis in India is growing into what Arundhati Roy has called a crime against humanity. Read how an agricultural co-op is adapting to meet the desperate need for oxygen, and support urgent local mutual aid efforts.

Global Health Co-ops vs COVID-19: “Our co-op identity commits us to a humanised healthcare approach that places people at the centre.” From Spain to Cameroon, read how health cooperatives around the world have responded to the pandemic and cared for millions of patients and workers.

Asian American Solidarity Economies

Image from the Solidarity Research Center

In honor of Asian-American and Pacific Islander History/Futures Month, we’re bringing back some resources from the archives! In 2018, the Asian-American Solidarity Economies Project presented a 5-part public discussion series highlighting cooperative economics in AAPI immigrant and refugee communities. Check it out and learn from the huge body of knowledge they shared.

People-Powered Budgets

Illustration by Design Action Collective

Ready to expand your local democracy with a people-powered budget? Check out this new toolkit from the Partnership for Working Families to help guide you through the process of developing and planning your own #PeoplesBudget campaign.

Movement News

Podcasts of the New Economy

Artists and culture workers in Vancouver, Canada are using a union cooperative model to organize for greater labor protections in the wake of the pandemic. Hear how the union co-op model “may be the key to challenging precarious work and poverty in arts and cultural sectors.”

Additional Listens
Democracy Paradox – Shari Davis Elevates Participatory Budgeting  
Millennials Are Killing Capitalism – The MOVE Bombing
Subvert – Southern Towers tenants stand up: the #ACT4SouthernTowers campaign

NEC on the Gram

Follow NEC on Instagram — @neweconomycoalition — Where we are amplifying this wisdom from Nia K Evans of NEC member org Boston Ujima ProjectWatch the full panel from last week’s Post-Capitalism Conference.

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Upcoming Events

Intro to Community Land Trusts with School of Living
Join a one-hour webinar to learn about the nuts and bolts of School of Living’s Community Land Trust model and why Community Land Trusts may be the best land-holding option for intentional communities. (May 11)

Biden and Economic Imperialism
A panel of American and global South activists will analyze Biden’s role in upholding US imperialism beyond the military, focusing on his economic policies–including around trade, investment, finance, climate, and food systems–which underpin the US empire in profound ways. (May 12)

Worker Co-ops vs. COVID: A Real News Special Report
We know that workers have been on the frontlines of the pandemic, too often with no real say in the conditions they’ve had to face and the risks they’ve had to take. Meanwhile, the net worth of American billionaires has grown by over a trillion dollars since the start of the pandemic. How would a more democratic economy have responded in the current crisis? (May 13)

Beyond Sustainability: Cultural Organizing for Social Justice
Join this conversation about how cultural collectives have developed new pathways for grassroots organizing, mutual aid, and creative activism, all while celebrating community resilience and resistance. (May 17)

Remaking the Economy: Core Elements of System Change
NPQ’s latest webinar in our Remaking the Economy series explores a central economic justice organizing question: What does it mean to engage in system change for economic justice? This webinar features three practitioners approaching this question from the standpoints of policy and law; communications and culture; and on-the-ground, co-op organizing. (May 20)

Vision Power Solutions: Community-Driven Planning for Racial and Climate Justice
How do communities define and design for themselves? How do we define our own challenges, identify our own assets and strengths, our priorities, our biggest threats and our unique approaches to resilience, climate, and justice? This 12-week workshop series builds facilitative leadership capacity among facilitators, organizers, leaders, and educators from (and accountable to) Black, Brown, and Indigenous communities. (May 20, 2021 – March 2022)

Pain Pollen: The Story of Cotton
The history of western medicine and herbalism demands that we understand the various ways that these narratives have glorified and exalted an oppressive colonization of both plants and people, while erasing and destroying the lived, land-based, traditional knowledge of indigenous peoples and communities of color. The knowledge share will be a chance for us to consider and listen to the stories of plants, specifically cotton, as an important part of any plant medicine practice. (May 22)

Histories of the Working Class in North America
Hosted by The People’s Forum, this series is driven by a commitment to better understand the history of working class life and struggle in order to learn lessons that can be applied in the class struggle today. (May 25, June 23, July 28)



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