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New Economy Roundup: Racism is a Public Health Issue, #CancelRent, Global COVID-19 Solidarity

Apr 9, 2020 | New Economy Roundup

Art by @broobs.psd

This week we’re talking about the disproportionate impact of coronavirus on Black and Native communities, moves to #CancelRent, and internationalist responses to COVID-19. Plus —  in case you missed it, check out our COVID-19 solidarity statement and learn why we responded to this crisis by shortening our workweek to 32 hours. 

Stories From the Field

“Racism is a Public Health Issue”: COVID-19 is exacerbating the systemic health inequities of racial and colonial capitalism, as poor Black, brown, and Indigenous communities are hit hardest by the virus. In many places, Black people account for an alarming number of COVID deaths — particularly in the South where there are huge gaps in medical coverage, writes Ash-Lee Woodard Henderson of NEC member organization the Highlander Center. Jen Deerinwater, a New Economies Reporting Fellow, points out that historic injustices and lack of access to basic resources also puts Native people at greater risk of COVID-19.

Read and sign on to the Movement for Black Lives' COVID-19 Demands, and donate to the NYC Black Mutual Aid Fund organized by NEC member organization BYP100, as well as BAJI, and DecrimNY.

#CancelRent:  We were inspired by the leadership of NEC member organization PUSH Buffalo last week, as they waived April rent for all of their 104 residential and commercial tenants! It’s clear that in this moment, we need developers and decision-makers to cancel rents, even as we continue organizing to build real community control of land and housing moving forward. Check out Right to the City’s Beyond Recovery campaign to learn more about the demands to cancel rents and mortgages.

Community Teach-ins on COVID-19 Movement Building: On April 2nd, we hosted a participatory discussion with the Climate Justice Alliance (CJA)Right to the CityKentuckians for the Commonwealth, and the Asian Pacific Environmental Network (APEN) about the COVID-19 policies we need to transform this system for good and move towards a just COVID-19 recovery. Also, be sure to check out the Rising Majority’s teach-in with Angela Y. Davis and Naomi Klein about movement building and other COVID19-related public discussions catalogued by CJA.

Solidarity Economies Abroad

Internationalist Responses to COVID-19: The Transnational Institute (TNI) is hosting a series of webinars on the global dimensions of the coronavirus pandemic and how social movements could respond. Check out the recording from the first conversation — featuring activists from India, México, South Africa, and Malaysia — and register for their upcoming events in English and in Spanish.

Rent, Utility, Debt Freezes in El Salvador: In order to provide economic relief for those hardest hit by COVID-19, the government of El Salvador has announced a three-month freeze on payments for utilities, mortgages and personal loans, credit cards, telephones, cable and internet, as well as a cash payment of US $300.

Basic Income in Spain: Universal Basic Income (UBI) has gained traction in many countries as a tool to provide economic relief amid the coronavirus pandemic. This week, the Spanish government stated that they not only planned to implement payments as soon as possible, but that UBI would become something that “stays forever, that becomes a structural instrument, a permanent instrument.


From Palestine to Indonesia to the Mexico-U.S. border, members of the international peasant movement, La Vía Campesina, are highlighting the vulnerability and the urgent need for solidarity with peasants and migrant workers around the world during the COVID-19 crisis. Read their statements and join LVC’s call for creative mobilizations to #StayHomeButNotSilent on the International Day of Peasants’ Struggle on April 17th.

Forward Thinking on COVID-19

NEC member organization, The Laura Flanders Show is producing a new series called “Forward Thinking on Covid-19.” Each week, guests on the show offer their best forward-looking perspectives on what needs to happen to address COVID-19 through the lenses of public ownership, racial and gender justice, queer liberation, and more, while lifting up actionable models of collective care and mutual aid.

Movement News

Podcasts of the New Economy

Social distancing is the best way to slow the spread of the coronavirus, but the efficacy of social distancing relies on something much deeper and harder to measure: social solidarity. This conversation on The Ezra Klein Show is about what happens when “a country mired in a mythos of individualism collides with a pandemic that demands social solidarity and collective sacrifice,” and the opportunity to build a different kind of society in the aftermath of Covid-19.

Additional listens:

Hot & Bothered: Building Power, with Naomi Klein, Jane McAlevey, and Julian Brave NoiseCat | Dissent Magazine

NEC on The Gram

Follow NEC on Instagram – @NewEconomyCoalition – Where we’re sharing about how two iconic worker cooperatives — Cooperative Home Care Associates (CHCA) and Opportunity Threads — are coming together across state lines to get personal protective equipment into the hands of home care workers in the middle of New York's COVID-19 crisis. Donate to support the manufacturing of protective masks for CHCA workers.


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Upcoming Events

How to Beat Coronavirus Capitalism (Part 2)
Join Haymarket Books, Democratic Socialists of America, and others for a continuation of their online teach-in with Naomi Klein, Astra Taylor, and Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor. (Today at 5pm ET! Online)

COVID & Capitalism
Join NEC member organization Resource Generation for a panel conversation with the Movement for Black Lives, Center for Popular Democracy, and a healing justice activist on what is being laid bare about capitalism in this moment, what is being made possible and what are the asks for young people with class privilege. (April 10 – Online)

Moving at the Speed of Trust: Disability Justice and Transformative Justice 
Join the Barnard Center for Research on Women for an online conversation with Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha and Elliott Fukui on the intersections of disability justice and transformative justice. (April 10 – Online)

American Craft Forum: Understanding the Impact and Pursuing Relief
The nation's arts and culture industry is experiencing devastating economic losses with closed venues and cancelled performances, exhibitions, and events as a result of the pandemic. This online forum is devoted to helping artists and craftspeople navigate what the $2 trillion emergency stimulus package means for the craft sector, while providing practical advice for pursuing relief. (April 10 – Online)

Covid-19, Decarceration, and Abolition
How should abolitionists respond to the coronavirus pandemic?How can we achieve urgently needed decarceration for the millions of people caged in jails, prisons, and immigration detention centers? Join Haymarket Books to discuss these important questions with Ruth Wilson Gilmore and Naomi Murakawa. (April 16 – Online)

The Black Freedom Movement Then and Now: Organizing Traditions
Join NEC member the Highlander Center and the SNCC Legacy Project to celebrate the legacy and continued work of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee at this intergenerational conversation about the Black Freedom Movement. (April 16 – Online)

Remaking the Economy in Fresno: Community in the Time of COVID
Fresno recently allocated $66 million in capital investment through participatory budgeting, the largest use of that process in US history. As is true everywhere, the current pandemic has upended the Fresno community. In this webinar, participants will discuss both the effects of the pandemic today, as well as how to advance more equitable, post-pandemic Fresno future. (April 16 – Online



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