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New Economy Roundup: Summertime Tunes, Women-Run Coops, and Voting for the Corporate Hall of Shame

Aug 15, 2018 | New Economy Roundup


Stories From the Field

A Traveling Decolonized Pharmacy That Promotes Native Healing: A bus that once served as a kitchen and then treatment center at the Standing Rock water protector camps has been transformed into a bus for the Canoe Journey Herbalists, who are accompanying the annual Native American traditional canoe gathering this summer. “This is about decolonizing herbalism.” Learn about their journey from Yes! Magazine.

Video Premiere from Cuba’s First Independent Urban Music Label: Guámpara Music's new music video for 'Cubanéatelo' is a summer treat from the first independent production house and urban music label in Cuba. The track’s sound nods to the bakosó movement—a contemporary sound coming out of Santiago de Cuba that is afrobeat inspired – and is perfect for every summer party. Watch the video and get your dance on.

What If Banks Were Publicly Owned? L.A. Might Soon Find Out: Voters will decide in November whether to take city money out of the hands of big banks. Public bank enthusiasts want to finance local improvements in housing, infrastructure, and community development by employing the money citizens already pay to state and local governments for services; it’s about democratizing the financial system. The Huffington Post reports.

Lawyers Take A Stand for Social Justice: A new generation of social justice attorneys has risen to defend against the hard-line policies of the Trump administration, from immigration and abortion access to voting and gender rights. “Sometimes the law is taken for granted, like the air we breathe, and it’s not until we are gasping for breath that we can appreciate it.” Read more.

Solidarity Economies Abroad

International Congress of Youth Voices:Youth activists from around the world recently spoke out at the International Congress of Youth Voices in San Francisco, CA. The Guardian excerpts selections from three student delegates’ speeches about social justice, climate change, and race. Read from their speeches here.

Women-Run Coops in Ethiopia ‘Vital to Sustainable Farming Practices:’ Women-run agricultural cooperatives in Ethiopia have teamed up with a joint UN program called, "Accelerating Progress towards the Economic Empowerment of Rural Women," providing them with time-saving machinery and loans to aid sustainable agricultural production. The partnership encourages rural women’s economic empowerment through savings. Learn about the program’s success.

Sharing Cities Policies in Milan: Milan, Italy, is one of the main cities involved in the Sharing Cities EU project. Since 2000, car sharing, bike sharing, and congestion charging have been successively introduced in Milan. "The idea is to integrate all forms of mobility in the city as a basket, where people have access to all of them." Read about Milan’s municipal sharing strategies.

Solidarity Philanthropy

Guided by thriving Solidarity Economy movements in the Global South, an increasing number of U.S. social justice organizations are aligning behind the banner of Just Transition to fight the old economy while also building the new. A growing segment of progressive funders have heeded this call by integrating Just Transition into their grantmaking strategy. But a true transition demands more than just grants to the field, it also implores philanthropy to embody the outcomes of that transition.

Learn about the foundations of solidarity philanthropy: reparations, democracy, and power.

Corporate Hall of Shame

Under the Trump administration, corporations have seized even greater opportunities to profit at people’s expense. Former executives are running entire government agencies. NEC member Corporate Accountability International is leading a charge to name this year’s most abusive corporation. Vote for the biggest offender on the Corporate Hall of Shame ballot.

Read more about the nominees and make your voice heard!


Movement News

NEC on The Gram

Follow NEC on Instagram– @NewEconomyCoalition – where we’re honoring Black lives by remembering the 4th anniversary of Mike Brown's death.

Job Board

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Upcoming Events


Pathways to Ownership is a no cost, five section webinar series that will give you the practical information you need to understand employee ownership options, so you can start-up or convert an existing business into one of many employee ownership models! (Online, Aug 15-Sept 26)

Beautiful Solutions: Toolbox for Liberation Training

Using tools from Beautiful Solutions and from the Highlander Center’s “Mapping Our Futures” curriculum, this training from Peoples Hub will explore systems of economy and governance, how people are building local solidarity economies and participatory governance, and expand our imagination about what is possible in order to build thriving communities. Every segment of the training is interactive. (Online, Aug 28)

Twin Oaks Communities Conference

If you live or want to live according to the values of cooperation, sustainability, and equality this conference is for you – whether you’re brand new to communities and cooperatives, or have been living and working in them for decades. The conference focuses on Intentional Communities, including models such as Ecovillages, Cohousing, and Housing Cooperatives, and the larger cooperative movement, including all kinds of cooperative and collective organizations. (Louisa, VA Aug 31-Sept 2)

San Francisco Green Film Festival

This year's lineup includes a powerful film about threats to Botswana's Okavango Delta; a documentary about the Indigenous movement for climate justice; and an inspiring film about the first solar-powered flight around the world. On September 9, Earth Island Journal Editor Maureen Nandini Mitra will host a conversation following the world premiere of STROOP: Journey into the Rhino Horn War — a hair-raising documentary that takes viewers to the front-lines of the war against poaching. (San Francisco, CA Sept 6-14)

Solidarity to Solutions Week

In response to the Global Climate Action Summit, Sol2Sol Week is taking to the streets with the People’s Climate March – Rise for Climate Jobs and Justice on September 8th, learning about local struggle and resistance across sectors on September 9th, bringing ITR members together in assembly on September 10th, showcasing our interlinked solutions for climate, environmental, housing, immigration, economic, and racial justice in a people’s Sol2Sol Summit on September 11th, and fighting for our communities and our planet from September 12-14. (San Francisco, CA Sept 8-14)

West Coast Communities Conference

For beginners to long-timers who’ve lived in community, a place and way to enter into an intentional experience of community culture; to learn about the communities of the western US; gain understanding of the structures in use for group cooperation and decision making; celebrate the diverse types of community that exist; expand the potential of increased inclusiveness; and explore Intentional Community as a model for impacting wider social change. (Belfair, WA Sept 14-16)

EconoUs 2018

EconoUs 2018 provides an exceptional opportunity to connect with leaders from across Canada who share a passion for building strong, inclusive community economies! Learn about strategies for generating positive, economic, social, and environmental impacts locally. Share successes, challenges, and solutions on how to reinvigorate efforts for change in your community and/or organization through innovative ideas, knowledge, and connections. (Moncton, Canada Sept 24-26)


Degrow US

DegrowUS will hold the United States’ first gathering of degrowth advocates in Chicago, IL. The conference will bring together activists and artists, teachers and researchers, organizers and thinkers from across the country for a weekend of strategizing, community building and resource sharing, with the goal of launching a movement. As the largest cumulative carbon emitter on the planet, it’s time the US got serious about degrowth. (Chicago, IL Sept 28-30)


This intercultural, intergenerational gathering will bring people from across the country for skill-building, relationship-building, and engaged learning, deepening a movement for cultural democracy. CULTURE/SHIFT 2018 is hosted in partnership with the City of Albuquerque Department of Cultural Services and New Mexico-based arts and social justice organizations. Together, we will create, explore, and amplify strategies for cultural healing, resilience, and resistance. (Albuquerque, New Mexico Nov 1-3)





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