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NYC Worker Cooperative Development Initiative Course Syllabus: Planners

Jul 1, 2017 | Resources

The Center for Family Life (CFL) has been incubating worker cooperatives in Sunset Park, Brooklyn since 2006. We have seen how our work has helped empower our community by supporting cooperative members in their quest for fair wages, dignified employment and social justice through their cooperative businesses. For the last 5 years, CFL has been training other NYC-based organizations in cooperative development, sharing our model and others and supporting organizations in creating their own approach to worker cooperative development.

This document is the syllabus for "Planners" (organizations interested in planning for cooperative development) in our NYC Worker Cooperative Development Initiative. Readings are included about worker coop history, incubation models, social group work and role of the developer, steps to developing a cooperative, and anti-oppression. 

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