Resource Format: Panels, Workshops, & Webinars

Posted on 7/7/17

This panel features leaders from across NYC sharing stories of communities building powerful bottom-up solutions like worker co-ops, community land trusts, and community development credit unions that model economic democracy, sustainability, and social justice.

Posted on 7/7/17

This panel, held at NEC's 2017 Member Gathering in Chicago, features leaders from across the country sharing how their communities have organized to simultaneously fight back far-right attacks and build powerful bottom-up solutions that model economic democracy, sustainability, and social justice as cornerstones of a new world in waiting.

Posted on 7/7/17

A New Economy Week 2015 conversation between Ed Whitfield of the Fund For Democratic Communities and Anand Jahi, NEC Program Director.

adrienne, Gar, Gopal, and Rachel embracing in a group hug after the panel is over
Posted on 8/3/15

The closing plenary session of NEC's 2014 CommonBound conference. Three systems thinkers discuss their theories of system evolution; explore their understanding of the transitional moment we're in; and envision paths to a just and regenerative economy.