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Resource List: Solidarity Economies in Latin America

Oct 15, 2022 | Resource List, Resources

Many of the strongest examples we have of real solidarity economies – where communities are meeting their own needs outside of capitalist systems – come out of social movements in Latin America,  and the communities who have carried those traditions of cooperation across borders. 

Throughout the Caribbean, communities use susus and cooperative lending to resist extractive banking practices. Cubans have formed co-ops networks to build food sovereignty and economic self-sufficiency. Brazillians have taken participatory budgeting around the world. Puerto Ricans are leading the movement for energy democracy and just recovery with mutual aid. This list is by no means exhaustive, and each of these examples comes with its own complex set of struggles, celebrations, and shortcomings. With that, we’ve compiled this short resource list of solidarity economy organizing in Latin America and Latinx communities in the US as a reminder that another world isn’t only possible – it’s already happening. 

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