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#SeedsOfSolidarity: Launching Our “Solidarity Circle” Monthly Donor Program

Jun 3, 2019 | News & Updates

Today NEC launches its new Solidarity Circle program for those who commit to donating repeatedly each and every month because sustained support is the way that the new economy will thrive:

Nature is wise. She is adaptable. Persistent. She heals or consumes, equipped with the power to restore and destroy. Always achieving balance in the end. 

It is no wonder that the dandelion is the “weed” of our society, the enemy of the prized American lawn. These gentle yellow flowers, revered for their medicinal and restorative properties emerge when the soil and its people are depleted. They cannot be destroyed, as their seeds sail on the breeze to where they are needed next to restore health and balance.

Restore power to the people by joining our Solidarity Circle.

Like the dandelion, our movements deliver restorative solutions from the roots. We, too, heal the land and people who need it most. We pose a direct threat to the very systems of power who in trying to destroy us have cultivated our strength and the conditions we need to thrive, scale and overcome them. 

Invest in sustainable solutions by helping us grow to 100 sustainers.

The power of the new economy lies in our partnership with nature and her wisdom. Nature knows where she is needed, when it’s time to lay fallow, time to grow roots, and time to burst forth into the spring. 

From worker cooperatives to energy democracy to sustainable agriculture, your contribution will advance the innovative strategies designed to save our world and seed a regenerative future for all. 

Join us today, because they can’t hold back the spring.

In solidarity,

The NEC Team

P.S. – Show us how you’re sowing #SeedsOfSolidarity! Tweet a video, photo, or a message to @NewEconomics on Twitter using the hashtag or post your video on Facebook or Instagram and tag @NewEconomyCoalition so we can build a garden of stories from spring into summer!



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