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Support NEC, Get An Inspiring Poster

Dec 4, 2015 | News & Updates

Together we thrive. As a friend of the New Economy Coalition, I know you understand how important those words are, just as you understand how badly we need a new economy that puts people and planet before profit.

This December, please support the New Economy Coalition’s work to imagine and build a new economy where people and planet thrive. As thanks, we’ll send you an inspiring poster—no matter the amount you choose to give.

You and I both know that the change we seek to make won’t happen overnight. It will require a powerful, united movement to build a new economy that meets human needs, enhances our quality of life, and allows us to live in balance with nature. NEC is a network of over 130 organizations who share that vision and are working together to create deep change in our economy and politics.

When you make a gift today, we’ll send you an award winning poster as thanks!

Together, we just wrapped up the third annual New Economy Week 2015. As the 2016 presidential candidates unrolled their policy platforms, thousands of people participated in conferences, marches, community events, film screenings, and online panels tackling the big policy questions we need to get right in order to build an economy that works for all of us.

As part of New Economy Week, NEC partnered with YES! Magazine to present the Picturing the New Economy contest: hundreds of people submitted captions and ideas, and artists Jennifer Luxton and Favianna Rodriguez made two of the ideas into posters. Jennifer's illustration is pictured above.

This movement can only succeed with support from committed people like you. Please make a gift today.

Thank you,
Jonathan Rosenthal
Executive Director



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