Topic: Cooperatives

Event Date: 09/09/2015 - 3:00pm

Join the Democracy Collaborative's Keane Bhatt and Steve Dubb, co-authors of our new report Educate and Empower: Tools for Building Community Wealt

Event Date: 09/20/2015 (All day)

The Western Worker Cooperative Conference is a biennial event (every 2 years) that fosters education and information sharing among worker co-ops and promotes sustainable development of the co-op movement.

Event Date: 08/12/2015 - 2:00pm

This webinar will share essential information on succession planning options available to business owners through employee ownership. We will review the main features of employee stock ownership plans (ESOPs) and worker-owned cooperatives, and will discuss the benefits and distinctions of each, including resources for how to learn more, and how to get support.

Cropped selection from the 2011 edition book cover. "America" and "Capitalism" are in all white caps. "Beyond" is in lower case cursive red.
Published April 2006

In America Beyond Capitalism, Gar Alperovitz's expert diagnosis of the long-term structural crisis of the American economic and political system is accompanied by detailed, practical answers to the problems we face as a society.

Event Date: 10/30/2015 (All day)

Since 1977, NASCO's Cooperative Education & Training Institute has been widely recognized as one of the most important training and networking opportunities available to members, directors, staff and managers of group-equity cooperatives.

Produce aisle of Mandela Foods Cooperative, Oakland, CA
Posted on 6/18/15

Think food co-ops can only exist in wealthy neighborhoods? Think again, and then check out this exciting new resource from the Cooperative Development Institute (an NEC member) detailing different models of cooperative ownership that are bringing real food and good jobs to low-income communities around the US.

US Social Forum
Event Date: 06/24/2015 (All day)

The US Social Forum (USSF) is a space to come up with the peoples’ solutions to the economic and ecological crisis. NEC is collaborating with a number of partners on a People's Movement Assembly on June 27 in Philadelphia that will be focused on the solidarity economy. More details to follow.

Two people stand in front of a chalkboard reading "Solidarity,"
Posted on 4/23/15

Signs of deep economic changes are slowly taking place across the United States, focusing on cooperative/solidarity economics.

In a black and white photo, a man stands in front of the door of a house featuring a sign reading "Tupelo Branch: Mississippi Federated Cooperatives"
Posted on 4/22/15

Climate change, shifting demographics, and sobering economic realities for a growing number of Americans have sparked increased awareness of the need to re-examine how working class people and communities of color will successfully participate in tomorrow’s economy, the one they will inherit when our nation becomes an ethnic plurality.

A group is young people is sitting around a map placed on a table, some drinking out of juice boxes. One holds a pencil and looks like he's preparing to mark it.
Posted on 4/22/15

We can learn a lot about what it takes to build a new economy by looking into the hidden histories of localism and cooperative economics in our own cities.