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Welcome the 2023 NEC New Member Cohort!

May 9, 2023 | News & Updates

We are thrilled to welcome the following 32 organizations as members of the NEC network! This incredible cohort of new members are bringing important sectors, regions, and strategies that were underrepresented in the network.

The NEC Team thanks you all for the important work you are moving to make another world possible.


Alaska Just Transition Collective
The Alaska Just Transition Collective strives to not only create a “new” path forward but also to remember a knowledge system that has lived in harmony with these lands for thousands of years. For us, a Just Transition means uplifting Indigenous place-based knowledge systems and ways of life while we shape regenerative economies, steward lands and waters, and build more just and equitable communities for all.  


Beloved Community Incubator
“We support workers to create and maintain collectively owned businesses so that workers can control their work, pay themselves living wages, build a democratic practice of stewarding resources together and engage in the wider DMV area movement ecosystem that is building abolition and decolonization. We provide high-touch incubation support – including leadership development, ecosystem and resource organizing and legal, bookkeeping and administrative support – for new cooperatives that create living wage work and that are led by poor and working class Black, Brown, Indigenous and People of Color.


Boston Center for Community Ownership
We are a worker, self-directed non-profit co-op development center rooted in community organizing.  We provide organizing support in English and Spanish for startup co-ops and co-op conversions, as well as ongoing training and technical assistance for existing cooperatives.    We believe in a worker-led approach to cooperatives and community economic development. Communities of color and working class communities provide the organizing strength to mobilize resources, workers bring skills, experience, and a drive for self-determination, and BCCO brings the right tool at the right time so that those workers and communities can create the future they envision.


Catalyst Miami
We build power with frontline communities throughout Miami-Dade County to collectively advance justice and achieve shared prosperity. 


Cleveland Owns
“Cleveland Owns is a economic democracy incubator that builds cooperative businesses and leads campaigns for community control of resources. We know that in racial capitalism, ownership matters, so we’re organizing multiracial, grassroots cooperatives that enable member owners to build wealth and power. We’re working towards a Cleveland owned by its residents.”


Co-op Dayton
Co-op Dayton has a mission to create economic opportunities that support family-sustaining jobs and a thriving city by incubating businesses that are locally owned and operated by their employees. Co-op Dayton is dedicated to educating the Dayton community about the potential of worker co-ops and other cooperative and democratic business models that can close the wealth gap and bring life back to our blighted business corridors. To do this, we train employees in the skills they need to become small business owners and true participants in democratic workplace governance and support the development of worker-owned businesses that address economic and social needs of people in the greater Dayton region. 


Our mission is to challenge the Unequal Distribution of Wealth, Opportunity, and Privilege in local communities so that the hope of the American Dream has potential for all people.


Cooperate Western North Carolina
Cooperate WNC grows collective power and supports deep cultural healing through convening a regional mutual aid and cooperative economic network in 22 counties of western NC.


Cooperation Milwaukee
Cooperation Milwaukee is an egalitarian community-based collective committed to education, resources and organizing of cooperative economic enterprises, mutual aid and community assemblies in the greater Milwaukee area. Cooperation Milwaukee is directly democratically controlled and is organized to fulfill this mission.


Cooperative Catalyst of New Mexico
Our mission is to improve the lives of people in the Southwest by catalyzing community-led enterprise, upholding cooperative values, and fostering a healthy cooperative ecosystem.


Crop Swap LA Growing Communities Inc
Growing Communities, Inc dba Crop Swap LA is a fully independent 501(c)3 nonprofit organization whose mission is to grow high quality, nutrient-rich food in underutilized urban spaces, creating green jobs, preserving water, and uniting the community. 


Economic Justice League
Working toward eliminating wealth gaps, the Economic Justice League (EJL) is a project-based research, facilitation and design collective – investigating and incubating interventions that enable sustainable community wealth building within low-moderate income (LMI), BIPOC and hyper-local communities.  


Fertile Ground Food Coop
The MISSION of the Fertile Ground Food Cooperative is to establish a grocery store and community gathering space that increases access to healthy/affordable food, that is owned by community  resident consumers, producers and workers and that serves as a community gathering place in Southeast Raleigh. Fertile Ground values the well-being of the community and the planet as much as it values profit; therefore; Fertile Ground is committed to a bottom line that recognizes the importance of people, our planet, our purpose, along with profit. 


Food for the Spirit
Food for the Spirit uses the arts and creative facilitation to support racial healing, ecological justice, and equitable food systems. We do this by: encouraging dialogue around issues of race and racism in the food system; facilitating the development of place-based networks, collective advocacy, and collaboration; and supporting community storytelling, shifting narratives and public understanding.


Fresh Future Farm Inc
“Fresh Future Farm builds self-determinism through grassroots food activism. We’re on a mission to grow the quality of life that our neighbors deserve:

Working with community members pushed to the margins

Creating greenspaces that feed the body, mind, and soul

Building economic systems that benefit the people

Multiplying the movement to end food apartheid.”


Kensington Corridor Trust
We utilize collective ownership to direct investments on the corridor that preserve culture and affordability while building neighborhood power and wealth in Kensington, Philadelphia. 


Massachusetts Solidarity Economy Network
To advance our vision for a more just, democratic and sustainable economy, the mission and purpose of the Massachusetts Solidarity Economy Network is to expand and deepen the solidarity economy movement on relational, cultural and structural levels  across the Commonwealth.


Maternal Health Equity Collaborative
We aim to make birth safer for Black and Brown families in Central Texas by building community and using our collective power to create lasting change rooted in birth justice and equity. We are re-envisioning what community care looks like to eliminate racial inequities in maternal health outcomes.


Nuns and Nones Land Justice Project
Together with religious communities and movement partners, we create land transitions rooted in ecological and racial healing.


OurSpace supports the work of Black cooperators and educates+trains those of the Black Diaspora in the skills of growing food, basic ecological building and community organizing.


Pecan Milk Cooperative
“Pecan Milk Cooperative is a worker-owned cooperative providing dignified work for LGBTQIA, BIPOC, women, people with disabilities, and other marginalized communities in a broadly defined South.


Petty Propolis
“Petty Propolis is a Black women-led artist incubator, primarily focused on cultivating visionary resistance through poetry, literacy and literary workshops, anti-racism facilitation, and social justice initiatives.

Our work advances visionary resistance towards a more livable, humane society, through organizing, art and education.”


Sankofa Village Arkansas
Sankofa Village Arkansas transforms multigenerational community wellness through land stewardship & education. We center Black healing, liberation & regeneration in our work toward housing affordability, wealth-building, and climate resiliency.


Sol Underground
Sol Underground dreams of a Black and Indigenous liberated world. We carry out this dream by connecting with community, building, joining, and maintaining networks of care, and resisting capital and colonial systems that seek to oppress.


Southern Sector Rising
Southern Sector Rising (SSR) fights environmental, economic and racial inequities in Dallas through education, coalition and power building, policy advocacy, and mutual aid. We envision a Dallas where Black, Latina/o/x, and Indigenous residents have access to a full range of social and economic opportunities to determine their futures and thrive.
Our mission is to cultivate the next generation of transformative cooperative businesses at scale. Our vision is that cooperative businesses thrive and lead by example across all sectors of the US economy, transforming what it means to be a worker and a consumer, redefining who is rewarded for the value they create in our economy, and reducing the racial wealth gap.


Struggle for Miami’s Affordable and Sustainable Housing
SMASH is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit worker-led cooperative Community Land Trust organization. SMASH’s Mission is the creation of a Community Land Trust that will adequately address the needs of inner-city Miami residents affected by the symptoms of gentrification (slumlords, rising rents, lack of community control), and that is shaped, developed and implemented by those same residents.


The Guild
We build community wealth and power through cooperative real estate, entrepreneurship programs, and access to capital for marginalized communities.


VA Solidarity Economy Network
The VA Solidarity Economy Network supports, educates, and connects people striving to build a more resilient and equitable economy based on shared values. 


We Are The Ones
We develop repeatable and scalable instances of community resilience through community wealth building (communal asset creation, acquisition and development) in Black communities and develop a solidarity economy that relies on dynamics of reciprocity and solidarity linking individual interest to collective interest. We pursue the creation of a solidarity economy by focusing our efforts on Economic Sustainability, Economic Inclusion, Equitable Labor Force Participation, Business Support Service, Equitable Development, Quality of Life, and Cooperative Economic Leadership and Cooperation. 


Wiyot Tribe Dishgamu Humboldt Community Land Trust
As the Community Land Trust of the Wiyot Tribe, Dishgamu Humboldt is designed to facilitate the return of Wiyot ancestral lands to Wiyot stewardship, putting land in trust for the purposes of affordable housing creation, workforce development, and environmental and cultural restoration.


Womxnist Liberation Collaborative
Womxnist Liberation Collaborative (WLC) is a Black-owned nationwide, worker and producer co-op, offering equity-based cultural and community rooted solutions. We will generate a sustainable living wage for our members through owning our Means of Production, leveraged into ethical exchanges in alignment with Social and Solidarity Economy values and practices.



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