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What capitalism and kings have in common

Dec 4, 2018 | News & Updates

“We live in capitalism. Its power seems inescapable – but then, so did the divine right of kings.” – Ursula Le Guin

What we’re trying to do seems downright impossible most days. The system is entrenched. Its “logic” is deep in our culture. A small number of individuals and groups hoard most of the power and the wealth, and use it against us.

With this uneven of a playing field, it’s easy to resign ourselves to the idea that there is no viable alternative — that the best we can hope for is marginal reform around the edges.

Whenever I feel this way, I remember Ursula Le Guin’s wisdom. I think about the social movements that have changed our world despite impossible odds. I think about the work NEC’s members are doing to prove that a new economy is possible, and to build the power we need to bring it into being. I stop being defeated.

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Right now the existing system controls the narrative about how society works. Its story about the economy influences how we and our media interpret daily life.

But like the divine right of kings, that will change too.

Like Le Guin, we are telling a new story, one that casts regular people as the leads. We are uplifting a different set of shared values: democracy, public and worker ownership, justice, equity, community, courage.

Through programs like the New Economies Reporting Project, we are shining a light on examples of another world that already exist all around us. We are training leaders from our network to be more effective spokespeople, so we can get more progressive voices in the media. We are helping our movements get more strategic with their communications, because our economic message is too important to let the other side win.

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Resignation is seductive because it lets us off the hook.

Capitalism is only inevitable if we let it be.

As long as it takes, we won't let it. Are you with us?


Eli Feghali
Interim Co-Director, New Economy Coalition

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