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Calling all Artists and Culture Workers! Read the Creative Wildfire Manifesto & RFP

Jun 25, 2021 | News & Updates

Calling all creatives, artists, and cultural workers! NEC is collaborating with Climate Justice Alliance and Movement Generation on a new project called Creative Wildfire to engage artists and culture bearers working for systems change. 

The time for a Just Transition to regenerative solidarity economies is NOW, and artists and cultural workers have an enormous role in both visioning and amplifying the strategic frameworks and grassroots solutions of frontline communities.  We need bold solutions that move us towards a larger transformative cultural shift of restoring governance to the people and re-rooting economic decisions locally. We need creative solutions that ensure ecological justice. Now is not the time to return to normal, because normal never worked for us anyway!

Read the Create Wildfire manifesto and check out the details of the RFP.



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