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Democratizing Finance

Jul 1, 2016 | Resources

How can we assure that the material resources and tools are available to communities to meet their needs and elevate the quality of life? This panel explores the movement to create democratic sources of financing to enable communities to build a democratic, just and sustainable economy. Leaders discuss the role of finance, fundamentals of non-extractive finance, and principles being used to develop a financial cooperative nationally, in close connection to grassroots front-line communities.The panel will use concrete examples of existing models.

Ed Whitfield (Fund for Democratic Communities),
Aisha Shillingford (Intelligent Mischief)
Kate Poole (Regenerative Finance)
Michelle Mascarenhas-Swan (Movement Generation Justice and Ecology Project)
Brendan Martin (The Working World)

Filmed at CommonBound 2016 in Buffalo, NY. Videography by the Extraenvironmentalists ( )



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