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DIY Economics of Happiness Workshop Toolkit

May 1, 2016 | Resources

The Economics of Happiness Workshop Toolkit is a do-it-yourself tool for activists and others who want to kick-start effective global-to-local action in their community or within an existing group. The DIY workshop uses Local Futures' award-winning documentary film, The Economics of Happiness, as a springboard to discuss the broad impacts of the global growth-based economy and the viability of localization as a strategy for real systemic change.

During the day-long workshop (approximately 6.5 hours), participants are guided through a reflective process that culminates in the elaboration of a personal action plan, centered around a two-pronged approach of resistance and renewal – resistance to the corporate economy and renewal on a local level, with people and planet in mind. The workshop toolkit is free of charge and can be used by anyone interested in exploring these issues with others. The toolkit (available in English and Italian) includes a detailed workshop guide, the film The Economics of Happiness, specially designed templates, and additional visual and written materials relating to the global-to-local debate.  To obtain a copy of the toolkit, please email



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