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Four New Members!

Aug 20, 2017 | News & Updates

NEC is thrilled to welcome our four newest coalition members:

Transform Finance works with investors and communities to ensure that capital aligns with a social justice agenda to support vulnerable groups. On the investor side it does so by supporting, organizing, and informing value-aligned investors through briefings, advocacy, advisory services, and the work of the Transform Finance Investor Network. On the community side, it empowers social justice practitioners to regain a meaningful seat at the table of financial decisions that affect them and to direct capital flows in ways that truly reflect their needs and aspirations, via trainings, advisory services, opportunities to engage with investors, and by leading projects on specific areas of relevant to social justice outcomes.

The Laura Flanders Show is a weekly TV and radio program featuring interviews with forward- looking people from the worlds of politics arts and entrepreneurship, and special reports on individuals and groups that are working to shrink inequality and alienation, shift power and build new models of development and caring.

A not-for-profit organization designed to create and support cooperative enterprises within low and moderate income communities through mobilization, community transactional legal services, community planning, education, and advocacy in order to promote social, economic, and ecological sustainability.

The Long Island Progressive Coalition (LIPC) is a grassroots community-based organization founded in 1979, dedicated to promoting sustainable development, revitalizing local communities, enhancing human dignity, creating effective democracy, and achieving economic, social & racial justice.



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