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#MakingWaves: Philadelphia Area Cooperative Alliance in Next City!

Nov 13, 2018 | News & Updates

We’re profiling NEC members, staff, board and grantees as part of our grassroots fundraising campaign, #MakingWaves. Help us continue to network and amplify the work of organizations across the country changing the current to a just economy by making a contribution today!  

NEC member organization, Philly Area Cooperative Alliance (PACA) is making waves by deepening and strengthening the work of local worker cooperatives by bringing them together in communities of learning and practice. PACA builds cooperative power in Philly through study circles, fellowship programs, outreach, and technical assistance. After a connection formed at NEC's CommonBound 2018 in St. Louis, the publication Next City highlighted PACA's work in, Worker Co-ops Catch on in Philadelphia

"I met journalist Sandy Larson when she attended PACA's session at the 2018 CommonBound Conference. It was about our 20 Book Clubs 20 Cooperative Businesses program. So THANK YOU NEC staff, volunteers, members, and community for creating the space and convening folks to have important dialogue about how to build the world we want by managing and living in different economies of solidarity, cooperation, and love." – Jamila Medley, Executive Director, PACA

PACA’s connection with Next City to highlight their work is just a part of what NEC’s network can do – lifting up our members and transforming the media sector. Help us hit our goal of raising $100,000 by 2019!



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