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New Economy Organisers Network(NEON) Toolkit

Feb 1, 2018 | Resources

Check out key resources and tools developed for NEON’s training programmes and day-to-day operations.

Learn about the economic, political and social systems we are up against.
 Beginner’s Guide to Neoliberalism
Six part podcast series introducing the the values and ideas behind our neoliberal economic system: where it came from,  how it spread, and how we could do things differently.

 Neoliberalism reading list
NEON’s reading list on neoliberalism. Text, videos and audio.

 Framing the Economy
What stories and frames have promoted austerity economics in the UK? This report kick started our work around economic narratives – now a major strand of what NEON does.

 Systems of oppression reading list
NEON’s reading list on systems of oppression. Text, videos and audio.

 Forces for Change
To change a system, you need to understand the forces that shape it now. This model can help structure your thinking.

What kind of leadership do we need to create collective power? How can it help break down barriers of power and privilege?
 Leadership Practice Model
What practices can help diverse groups work more effectively towards complex and challenging outcomes? This model gives an introduction to collaborative leadership and helps you think through your own practice as a leader.

 Leadership reading list
NEON’s reading list on leadership. Text, videos and audio.

 Power and Privilege Guide
We know society treats people differently based on gender, race, sexuality and other identity factors. What can we and the organisations we are part of do to not only avoid the same trap, but start breaking down the barriers to the equal and inclusive social movements we need? Check out this guide for direction and ideas.

What do effective campaign strategies look like for tackling systemic problems?
  Systemic Campaigns Framework
How do we make sure our campaign strategies tackle the roots causes of the problems we face? This framework has been written to help you build, refine and implement a systemic campaign strategy.

 Systemic campaigns reading list
NEON’s reading list on systemic campaigning. Text, videos and audio.

Templates and resources for writing strategies, running events and general planning.
 Event planning template
A template for designing events – covering everything from the purpose of each session to who is responsible for making sure the lunch is ready. A godsend for big events.

 Project plan template
A template for writing up the strategy for a medium sized project, covering everything from your background analysis to what resources you’re going to need.

 Team strategy template
A template for writing up a team strategy (i.e. a group of projects) covering theory of change, responsibilities and more.

 1-to-1 meeting notes template
A basic template that we’ve found helpful for running and recording one-to-ones in a team.

Lumen is an open source group discussion platform custom built with the New Economics Foundation and Steve Reid for people collaborating across different groups, movements and organisations. It’s based around online discussion lists and has now been taken up and used by around a dozen organisaitons from Positive Money through to the Open Government Network to organise across a huge range of issues. Check it out!

Understand how movements take on dominant systems and the forces at play in these struggles.
 Systemic Movement Primer
A primer to help you think about the role of movements in society – their characteristics and core features

 Structure of a Movement
What gives social movements alignment, longevity and power? This model visualises how a combination of forces connects and empowers people and organisations within movements in order to create overall impact.

 Movements reading list
NEON’s reading list on movements. Text, videos and audio.

 Stories of Struggle
A summary of key movements in British history – from Chartism to Women Against Pit Closures. Text.



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