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New Economy Roundup: A Roundup of Seeds – Sown, Grown, #NowWeOwn

Jun 6, 2019 | New Economy Roundup

This week we’re talking about sowing the seeds of a new system in California, Ghana, Minnesota, the ocean off of Connecticut, Indonesia, Tunisia, and beyond.

P.S. We just launched our Seeds of Solidarity campaign! Help us reach our goal of 100 monthly donors because the people's economy will be funded by the people! Join our Solidarity Circle here!

Stories From the Field

Sowing Seeds Through Childcare: 
The ideas we plant in the minds of our children will be crucial in shaping our future. NEC member organization Toolbox for Education and Social Action (TESA) Collective has developed a program to teach caregivers to launch childcare cooperatives in Minnesota. Read more about how TESA Collective helps train cooperative educators.

Since When Do We Grow Kelp?: A new generation of Kelp farmers are asking, “Can Kelp Be A Part Of The American Diet?” NEC member organization GreenWave is at the forefront of using kelp as the next wave of sustainable farming. Read more about who GreenWave works with in their seaweed revolution and don’t miss their story included in HBO’s “Ice on Fire” film premiering June 11.

Growing Access to High-speed Internet in Public Housing: More than 100,000 San Franciscans lack quality Internet access. To bridge this gap, the city partnered with a local Internet Service Provider to offer high-speed Internet in public housing for only $10 a month. NEC member organization Institute for Local Self Reliance’s podcast, “Local Energy Rules” has more about how this model can be used as a blueprint by other cities working to address the digital divide.


Solidarity Economies Abroad

Millennials ‘Make Farming Sexy’ in Africa, Where Tilling the Soil Once Meant Shame: Leaving behind supposedly coveted corporate jobs, a generation of Africans are returning to their roots and redefining what it means to farm. Read how the next generation is getting back to the cultivating roots that grew them.

Transplanting Electric Busses Into The World’s Largest Public Bus System: One of the world’s most polluted cities is changing its ways. The bus system that serves 200 million riders each year is going electric. Learn more about seeding new transportation in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Food Sovereignty in Tunisia: There are talks about changing what food is grown in Tunisia. If done, it would endanger the country’s ability to provide balances meals on its own. Read more about the debate over food independence in Tunisia.

FIC Growing A New Look

NEC member organization previously known as the “Fellowship for Intentional Communities” is now officially the “Foundation for Intentional Communities.” They have a beautiful new website and their directory of over 1,000 intentional communities is as robust as ever. As they explain, “We loved the kindred-spirit sentiment of ‘Fellowship,’ but we didn’t care for the old-school and masculine connotations. The title ‘Foundation’ speaks to our commitment and professionalism. It also shares what we aim to provide for this movement, a foundation of wisdom, inspiration, and resources for thriving communities.” Check out their new look here!

Historic Evolution In Public BankingRight now there are two public banks in the United States – North Dakota and American Samoa. It looks like that may not be true for long. The Public Banking Act, also known as "AB 857," has taken public banking a historic step forward after it passed the California Assembly with 41 Aye's to 26 No's. Next, it goes to the Senate. Read about the critical progress for publicly accountable banking cultivated by NEC member organization, the Public Banking Institute.

Movement News

NEC on The Gram

Follow NEC on Instagram – @NewEconomyCoalition – This month, as part of our Seeds Of Solidarity campaign, we’ll be sharing how our members are planting the seeds of a just economy. Help us restore power to the people by joining our Solidarity Circle. NEC's goal is to reach 100 monthly donors and cultivate more diversity in our ecosystem so we can truly build a people-powered economy!

Job Board

Artist Organizer, People’s Center Clinics and Services, Springboard for the Arts
Communications Coordinator, NAMA
Communications Associate, Way to Win
Community Organizer, OPAL Environmental Justice Oregon
Cooperative Energy Democracy Fellowship, We Own It
Development Manager, GreenWave
Development Manager, Participatory Budgeting Project
Editorial Associate, The Franklin & Eleanor Roosevelt Institute
GIS and Data Visualization Researcher, Institute for Local Self Reliance
Individual Giving Manager, Shareable
National Organizer, Grassroots Global Justice Alliance (GGJ)
Organizer, Cooperation Northfield
Participant, Kopkind Camp
US Digital Campaigner, 350 .org
Various Positions, Bronx Cooperative Development Initiative
Various Positions, Community Purchasing Alliance
Various Positions, Corporate Accountability
Various Positions, Democracy Collaborative
Various Positions, Kentuckians For the Commonwealth
Various Positions, Land For Good
Various Positions, New Economy Project
Various Positions, The Working World


Upcoming Events

Community Wealth Chat: Owning Black Culture
Join Higher Purpose Co for our second Community Wealth Chat focused on Black Culture. Discuss the current state of Black Culture in Mississippi and across the United States. Learn how to maintain ownership of Black Culture. Network with Black creatives from across Mississippi and the surrounding areas. (June 6 – Jackson, MS)

Climate's A Drag Party!
See climate solutions come to life through art and performance! Join the Human Impacts Institute for our House of Solutions opening party and LIVE auditions for our new show Climate's A Drag! The fab Mistress of Ceremonies, Madame Vivian V, will get you all hot and bothered about climate solutions, while you help decide who the next CLIMATE drag superstars are! (June 7 – New York, NY)

A New Culture for a Changing Climate
Bren of NEC member organization, GreenWave and four other Ashoka Fellows will be in conversation about working to fight the climate crisis and changing the ways we live on our fragile planet. (June 10 – New York, NY or Online)

The Creation of Local Agrarian Commons
In the next two decades alone, it's estimated that across the US, over 400 million acres of farmland will change ownership. The Agrarian Trust is a nonprofit organization working tirelessly to ensure that tomorrow's farmers have access to this land, and that the opportunities to farm remain economically viable. Ian McSweeney, Director of the Agrarian Trust, will talk about their exciting new project to create a local Agrarian Commons. The Agrarian Commons will purchase farmland and enter into fair long-term leases with new farmers, while protecting the land with easements and restrictions supporting ecologically restorative agricultural practices. Join this webinar to learn more! (June 11 – Online Webinar)

ComCap Conference
ComCap19, presented by the National Coalition for Community Capital (NC3), is a multi-day gathering that offers a unique educational and networking opportunity for all those working toward equitable, resilient, and engaged communities. Join community leaders, ecosystem builders, entrepreneurs, investors, citizens, and practitioners from across the country to share community capital models, mechanisms, and best practices to grow their local economies in ways that are participatory and promote shared prosperity. (June 11-13 – Detroit, MI)

Raising Incomes in America: Debating the Best Path Forward
Joe Guinian, Executive Director of The Next System Project of NEC Member the Democracy Collaborative will be on this panel of leading experts convening to take a hard look at the details, and debate some of the most promising policy paths for rebuilding the middle class. (June 12 – Washington, DC)

Somerville Community Land Trust Kick Off
Somerville, MA is experiencing an affordable housing crisis. Many people who have lived in Somerville for a long time, or who would like to, can’t afford to. Real estate speculation and development has left many of our neighbors behind. Together, we can do something about it.
Please join us to learn how you can help create community led housing through the creation of the Somerville Community Land Trust. (June 12 – Somerville, MA)

Ownership Culture Building Blocks: Training, Communication and Decision-Making
Hosted by NEC Member Democracy at Work Institute, this day-long program, while equip business owners and managers to have greater understanding of two critical areas of effective participatory management: communication and decision-making and it will help them understand the training needed to support developing these skills. (June 13 – Online)

Dismantling White Supremacy Unconference
The objective of this event is to provide a space for people of color and white allies–including activists, policy-makers, business leaders, employees, community organizers, or other residents or community members –to have an explicit conversation about dismantling systemic white supremacy (and the many discussions that come up around white supremacy) in a community-led forum. An Unconference empowers the attendees to drive the conversation. There will be no keynote speakers or pre-set “content tracks.” The people who show up for the Unconference are the ones who decide what topics and sessions they want to organize. (June 14-15 – Oakland, CA)

Global Sharing Week
Co-hosted by NEC Member Shareable, Global Sharing Week events happen all over the world. Sharing has the power to change the world, it can transform the economy and society at large. By enabling people to come together, to access shared resources and promote the benefits of swapping, borrowing, collaborating and sharing, we can unlock our unlimited sharing potential and build a more connected, happier, healthier, sustainable society. You can find and register events on the global event map. (June 16-22 – Worldwide)

Black Freedom Beyond Borders: A Virtual Afro-Speculative Writing Workshop
NEC member organization Intelligent Mischief is hosting this event inspired by Black Panther, the movie. Take a journey through Wakanda to write ourselves into the story and to write the story into our lives. The workshop is intended for afro-diasporic people looking to hone their skills and experience in writing visionary fiction, fantasy, speculative fiction and afro-futurism. (June 18 – Online)

Project Equity: Sell Your Business With Employee Ownership
Kirk Vartan, founder of A Slice of New York, will discuss why employee ownership was the right choice for him. By turning his business into a coop, Kirk generated wealth for himself through the sale of his company while creating wealth for his employees.In this webinar you’ll learn how to: Sell your company to your employees; Exit financially and ensure continued impact in your community; and Preserve jobs and provide new ownership opportunities for employees. (June 18 – Online Webinar)

Sustainable Agriculture and Food System Funders Gathering
The Annual Forum of the Sustainable Agriculture and Food System Funders (SAFSF) will include a dinner event with NEC Member Northwest Atlantic Marine Alliance (NAMA) and Friends of the Earth. (June 18-20 – Pittsburgh, PA)

Get Your Money Sh*t Together!
Join Sarah DeLuca, a veteran of movement resourcing for daily LIVE videos and group accountability to get past fear, gain clarity on your goals, and taking action. (June 24th-28th – Online Webinar)

2019 Summer Institute: Economics for Emancipation
Designed to address the movement’s knowledge gaps and counter conservative economic myths, NEC member organizations the Center for Popular Economics' Summer Institute in partnership with the Center for Economic Democracy, provides an intensive training in the economics needed to advance a different vision. CPE and CED are committed to popular education, relating political and economic concepts to people’s concrete lives and using games, theater, music, and film to make this information accessible and fun. (June 25 – 29 – Boston, MA)

Left Forum
Left Forum convenes the largest annual conference of a broad spectrum of left and progressive intellectuals, activists, academics, organizations and the interested public. NEC member organizations Resource Generation, Ujima Boston, and Cooperative Economics Alliance of NYC will be featured in an NEC organized panel called “Growing the Solidarity Economy: Theory and Practice”. (June 28-30 – Brooklyn, NY)

2019 Socialism Conference 
In a moment of rising class struggle, resurgent social movements, and the growing popular appeal of socialism, the Socialism 2019 Conference is an important gathering space for today’s left. Featuring dozens of panels, lectures, and workshops on topics like the fight against racism, how to win gender justice, radical working class struggle, current debates on the left, and more, the Socialism Conference brings together hundreds of activists from around the country for four-days of organizing, learning and collaboration. (July 4 – 7 – Chicago, IL)

USFWC Western Worker Coop Convening
NEC member organization, the U.S. Federation of Worker Cooperatives and the Network of Bay Area Cooperatives invite you to a day of skill-building and networking for worker co-ops and members of democratic workplaces in the Bay Area region of the U.S. It will be focused on nuts and bolts workshops to build leadership and the tools needed to grow the worker co-op movement. (July 20 – San Francisco, CA)



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