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New Economy Roundup: Black Co-op History, Energy Democracy Now, Artists Dismantling Capitalism

Feb 19, 2021 | New Economy Roundup

This week we’re celebrating the history and future of Black cooperative economics! We’re also talking about why the Southern blackouts highlight the need for energy democracy, solidarity with popular uprisings in Haiti, why artists need a solidarity economy, building POC community ownership of the food system, and more.

Stories from the Field

Art by @TheDeepGroceryCooperative

Black Co-op History: From mutual aid societies to freedom farms and credit unions — the history of Black cooperative economics runs deep and Black cooperators continue to grow and lead the solidarity economy. Join us in celebrating Black cooperative history and futures this month and always! Study the history, support projects to build Black community control, and show some love to the Black co-ops and cooperators who are bringing the solidarity economy to life.

Texas Blackouts & Energy Democracy: Massive grid failures across Texas and Southern states left millions without power and water during winter storms this week, with BIPOC, disabled, and working-class communities feeling the worst effects. Learn about the policies and tools we need to build energy democracy and keep our communities safe, warm, and powered in the face of climate chaos, and please support local mutual aid efforts.

Local #DefundPolice Wins: After months of pressure from Solidarity Budget organizers in Seattle, city council members announced they would reallocate funds divested from the police budget into a $30 million participatory budgeting process. In Austin, City Council members voted to use funds divested from the police force to purchase two hotels and create permanent housing for houseless community members. For more, check out this updated resource page from the Movement for Black Lives.

Solidarity Economies Abroad

Solidarity with Popular Uprisings in Haiti: Protests and general strikes in Haiti gained strength last week as US-backed president Jovenel Moïse refused to leave office. Hear about how the current struggle in Haiti is connected to the long history of US and European imperialism after the Haitian Revolution, and how we can deepen our practices of solidarity to the Haitian people in light of this history.

MST Turns 37: The Movimento dos Trabalhadores Rurais Sem Terra (MST) has spent over 30 years fighting for land reform and food sovereignty in Brazil. Read how, despite the Bolsonaro government’s attacks, the movement donated more than 3,000 tons of food in 2020 — showing the strength of family farming during the pandemic. 

Global Just Transition: “From the experiences of metalworkers in South Africa to the coal miners in Spain, to workers across sectors in Latin America and across the world, the struggle for a just transition is truly global.” Hear stories and strategies from the frontlines of the global movement for a just transition in this recording from NEC member organization the Labor Network for Sustainability.

Artists Dismantling Capitalism

Join us at Cooperation Humboldt’s fourth annual Artists Dismantling Capitalism symposium on February 26-28! This free/donation-based symposium offers 17 sessions exploring the use of artistic and creative practices in re-imagining our society and building a solidarity economy. In addition to local community members and artists, the conference will feature NEC member organizations Cooperation Jackson and the Highlander Center, and NEC’s own Nati Linares!

Learn more and register for Artists Dismantling Capitalism, and get a jump start on learning about why artists need a solidarity economy in this panel from NEC member the US Department of Arts and Culture.

Movement News

Podcasts of the New Economy

In this episode of Food Futures, hear from Neil Thapar, Co-Director of Minnow, a project focused on advancing land justice in California, and Andrea Talley, a Co-Owner of Mandela Grocery Cooperative, about why food cooperatives and grocery stores co-owned by people of color are important to building community wealth. Listen now. 

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NEC on the Gram

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Jobs Board

New Listings!

Artist and Culture Organizer, Working Families Party

Campaign Organizer, New Economy Project

Communications Manager, San Francisco Rising 

Co-op Developer, Philadelphia Area Cooperative Alliance – March 8 

Cooperative Projects Organizer, Philadelphia Area Cooperative Alliance – March 8 

Deputy Director for Worker Campaigns – Action Center on Race and the Economy

Digital Content Manager, Common Future

Digital Strategist, Center for Economic Democracy – March 1

Director, Worcester Roots

Director of Lending, Shared Capital Cooperative

Director of Finance and Operations, Shared Capital Cooperative

Executive Director or Co-Director Team, Resource Generation 

Part-Time Project Officer,  L.A. Co-op Lab – Feb 28

Project Coordinator, MAYDAY Space

Various Positions, Dream Defenders 

All Jobs

Culture and Communications Associate, Boston Ujima Project

Deputy Communications Director, Movement for Black Lives 

Executive Director,  Cooperative Development Foundation/NCBA CLUSA 

Fund Analyst, Boston Ujima 

Fundraising Consultant, US Department of Arts and Culture – Feb 26

Honor Native Land Project Partner, US Department of Arts and Culture 

Worker Co-op Policy Advocate, NYC Network for Worker Cooperatives

Senior Policy Analyst: Economic Democracy, Demos – New York, NY

Various Positions, Action Center on Race and the Economy

Various Positions, Black Feminist Future – Atlanta

Various Positions, Center for Popular Democracy

Various Positions, Economic Policy Institute

Various Positions, ICA Group 

Various Positions, NDN Collective 

Various Positions, PUSH Buffalo – Buffalo, NY

Upcoming Events

We Be Knowin’: A Boston Ujima Project Celebration of Everyday Democracy.

Join Boston Ujima for a week of events as we work to return wealth and power to working class communities of color, and help bring another Boston to life. (Feb 14-22)

Cooperative Sociocracy Conference
Join Sociocracy For All for this online conference – an accessible introduction to, and interactive exploration of, the current and future theory and practice of sociocratic governance in cooperatives. (Feb 19) 

People’s State of the Union
The US Department of Arts and Culture is partnering with MassCreative and The Theater Offensive to offer an invitation to come together, to share our stories and visions for a more just future, and to confront the interlocking crises of systemic racism, eviction, poverty, access to healthcare, and more laid bare by COVID-19. (Through March 1) 

The Abolitionists Challenge
The Abolitionists Challenge, presented by LaDonna Sanders Redmond, is a movement for anyone who identifies as a cooperator and is interested in gaining an understanding of how they can commit to eliminating white supremacy in cooperative spaces and in the broader society. (February – July)

How to Start a Climate Assembly
In this People Powered Hub course, leading practitioners and advocates will share best practices and help participants identify next steps to advocate for and start a climate assembly in their home city or country. (Feb 18) 

Teach in: Feminist Economy for People and the Planet
Join Global Grassroots Justice for their first teach-in on a Feminist Economy for People and the Planet, hosted by the United Frontline Table, the Feminist Green New Deal and the people behind the Feminist COVID recovery proposal in Hawaii. They’ll explore the principles of a feminist economy, the transformative implications for the care economy, and how to apply feminist economic principles to our collective work. (Feb 23) 

Investment Crowdfunding Workshop for Entrepreneurs
Join Jaime Frank for a comprehensive, accessible overview of how to launch and run a successful Regulation Crowdfunding campaign: how to raise capital for your business and engage your community. (March 2 – April 13)

Power Shift Convergence 2021
Join NEC member organization the Powershift Network along with thousands of young people to build critical skills to halt climate catastrophe. Since 2007, national and regional Power Shift convergences have motivated and inspired young climate leaders to dedicate themselves to fighting for justice for the long haul. (April 16-18)



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