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New Systems: Possibilities and Proposals

Jul 1, 2016 | Resources

Want to understand the alternatives to business as usual? We know the current system does exactly what it was designed to do: line corporate pockets at the expense of real people’s health and livelihoods, destroying the environment while fueling the war machine. But we also know that another world is possible. Many models for radically different, sustainable, inclusive and democratic societies exist and this CommonBound workshop features a few of their proponents to present their ideas, debate the options and answer questions about what a better world looks like in detail.

Ed Whitfield (Fund For Democratic Communities)
Emily Kawano (Wellspring Cooperative)
Mike Lewis (Canadian Centre for Community Renewal)
Gus Speth (Next System Project and Demos)

Filmed at CommonBound 2016 in Buffalo, NY. Videography by the Extraenvironmentalists ( )



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