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New Year’s Revolution #8: Building Power

Dec 23, 2017 | News & Updates

I’m an organizer at New Economy Coalition. Before joining NEC, I organized low-income black and Latino youth so they could make their schools work for them. Before that I supported the unionization efforts of taxi drivers and security guards so they could make their jobs work for them.

And as valuable, as vital as this work was, I knew it wasn’t enough. The barriers children and youth of color have to overcome in the U.S. are higher than we can knock down by fixing schools. The problem of exploitation of human labor is larger than we can solve by getting big companies to pay livable wages.

Now more than ever, we need to organize on a national and global scale to change an entire system that’s failing most of us. Every day I and other NEC organizers are working to make this large-scale organizing happen.

My new year’s revolution is for us to keep building power for the new economy. We need your support to keep going. Please make a donation today. The time and skill of our staff are our greatest resource and are the most difficult to get funding for. We’re counting on individual donations like yours to make it possible for us to keep building power.  

How will we build power in 2018?

We will build bridges between people revolutionizing their local economies and people mobilizing en masse to resist injustice.

We will develop a policy platform that will include demands supporting the economic self-determination of communities, particularly those on the frontlines of an unjust system.

We will organize members of rural electric cooperatives in regions across the country so that they can turn their cooperatives into democratic, clean sources of energy.

We will bring hundreds of people together for our CommonBound conference to focus on how they can shift power and wealth into the hands of their communities. CommonBound 2018 will answer questions like:

  • How do we move away from fossil fuels as a nation and at the same time move control of energy to local communities?
  • How do we organize against police brutality and at the same time support and create independent Black-owned businesses?
  • How do we live the values of gender and racial justice in our work together as a movement?

Are you with us? Please give today, build power for the new economy, and support our revolution.

In gratitude and solidarity,

Anand Jahi
New Economy Coalition



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