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‘Tis The Season For Solidarity

Dec 22, 2017 | News & Updates

‘Tis the season to build the new economy. Stuck between the contradictions of a consumerist culture and the desire to support businesses who share your values by paying their workers fairly? Have no fear! We at NEC want to make sure you know there is an alternative. Support these services and products to give the gift of solidarity this season:

House Cleaning For Good
Up & Go Cooperative provides on demand, quality cleaning services from women-owned small businesses with fair work practices who are also eco-friendly. You can support this pioneering phone and web app by purchasing a gift certificate for somebody you love in the New York City area. Learn more about this worker-owned alternative in FastCo!

Gaming for Liberation
The Toolbox for Education and Social Action has collaborated on projects ranging from building year long and nationwide programs to documentaries, conferences, interactive webinars, board games, handbooks, cooperative academies, community-based initiatives, and so much more! This holiday, pick up one of their many social justice games like “Loud & Proud,” “Co-opoly” or "Rise Up: The Game of People and Power."

Pickle Me Softly
Real Pickles is a worker-owned cooperative committed to promoting human and ecological health by providing people with delicious, nourishing food and by working toward a regional, organic food system. They aim to produce the highest quality, traditional pickled foods available, using natural fermentation and buy their vegetables only from Northeast family farms. Sound delicious? Pick up organic products from their online store!

Bag Lady
Do you think we need to fight for economic justice for all? Well you can wear that proudly when you become a monthly sustainer at the New Economy Project. Get your tote bag today!

Do The Reading
Our time demands we meet the challenges inherent in an era of deepening despair and accelerating crises—political, ecological, and economic—that is also potentially the prehistory of transformative and fundamental systemic change. The approach and model outlined by the Democracy Collaborative’s Gar Alperovitz —Principles of a Pluralist Commonwealth—offers a trajectory and pattern for wide-ranging institutional change towards real democracy over the long haul, guided by a transformative vision beyond both corporate capitalism and traditional state socialism. Order a free copy here

Co-founder of YES! Magazine, Sarah Van Gelder also has a book out chronicling her 12,000 mile trek through America, The Revolution Where You Live.

Who Will Survive In America?
Intelligent Mischief is a creative action design lab using culture, narrative and design to hack social change: “We believe in the power of culture. As humans, we are deeply entrenched in cultures that lie in our conscious and subconscious. These cultural experiences inform our identities, communities, & politic, and impact how we see the world. At IM, we curate transformative cultural experiences and interventions that re-imagine the possibilities and shift the common sense.” Pick up limited edition “Survival” gear today!

Transnational Artisan Cooperatives
A center dedicated to art, culture and activism based in Sacramento, California; Sol Collective is a brand new NEC member. We're excited to welcome more venues and spaces that are building a new economy in their cities through collective, community, culture shift work. Their 3,200 sq foot space is home to art gallery, performance space, recording studio, podcast studio, community screen printer and a retail space for its "Global Local Mercado." You can purchase goods directly from a cooperative of artisans from Oaxaca, Mexico – La Casa de las Artesanias de Oaxaca – who Sol has been working with for a few years.

Next System Journalism
Support media makers who are making next system media, now. Outlets like The Laura Flanders Show, YES! Magazine, Shareable and Upstream Podcast all are possible through member patronage, because as Laura told The Next System Project this year, "Media plays an absolutely decisive role not only in brokering our values, our aspirations, but also our relations with each other and what we think about the world that we live in."



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