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Reporters: Apply for the New Economies Reporting Fellowship!

May 2, 2017 | News & Updates

NEC is excited to announce a new partnership withThe Media Consortium(TMC)andThe Laura Flanders Show. Together, we are coordinating the New Economies Reporting Project, an effort to support journalists who are interested in covering new economy stories in the US and Canada.
The project will provide a $1,000 stipend to up to 10 journalists to attend monthly press briefings, co-organized by NEC and TMC. These virtual webinars will cover different topics under the new economy umbrella, and will feature community leaders, policy experts, and other relevant spokespeople. Journalists receiving stipends will be expected to produce the equivalent of 3 feature stories during the six month period. If you have reporters or publications in mind that you think should apply for this stipend, send them the link to this application. The deadline is May 3, 2017.



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