What is the Resource Library?

The NEC resource library is a broad collection of toolkits, curricula, stories, maps, podcasts and more that represent key apsects of solidarity economy principles, history, and practice. We see this as a living resource, which will continue to grow and evolve based on the interests of NEC members and the wider public.

Inspiration for the library has come through many conversations with the NEC educators working group, communications working group, and many members and key collaborators over the years. We hope this offering will help fill a concrete need for easier access to solidarity economy resources, as well as help to archive some of the beautiful work that’s come out of this network and our many movement lineages.

How were resources selected for the library?

Resources currently in the library have been pulled form a number of sources – including a library crowdsourced by NEC members from 2018-2020 and ongoing resource compliations put together by the NEC comms team. It is certainly not comprehensive, and we welcome submissions.

We don’t have strict criteria in terms of format or content, but have been using the following guidelines as a filter:

➡️ Beautifully written/produced resources and stories that illustrate our core values & the liberatory potential of solidarity economy organizing
➡️ High quality resources (clear, accessible, visually appealing) that explain a key technical aspect of solidarity economy models
➡️ Stories that clearly illustrates grassroots power, north star community leadership etc, in efforts to build the SE
➡️ A resource or story that highlights cooperation between SE sectors, institutions, regions, or social movements
➡️ Resources or stories that illustrate key components of our strategic plan/ core strategies
➡️ Concrete legal, policy, facilitation tools that people can directly apply to their work
➡️ Resources that ground us in our movement histories & legacies

How do I use the Library?
This resource library was build using Airtable. You can use filters to search by tags, resource type, and region.

To learn how to use the Library, please watch this short instructional video.

Resource Library

Use the filters tab in the upper left corner to find by tags and resource types.  Use the search bar in the upper right corner to search for key words. Watch the full tutorial on how to use the resource library. See the table view of the library here.

Accessibility note: We have been informed that Airtable is not an accessible platform for people using screen readers. As we work towards a deeper solution, we would like to offer the option to download the library as a CSV file which can be opened in Excel or Google Sheets. 

Do you have a resource you’d like to recommend to be added? Fill out this form.
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Weavings: Worker-Owned Union Co-ops

Weavings: Worker-Owned Union Co-ops

A worker-owned co-op is a business owned and controlled by its workers. Worker cooperatives are values-driven businesses that put worker and community benefit at the core of their purpose. In contrast to traditional companies, worker members at worker cooperatives...

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Resource List: Free Palestine

Resource List: Free Palestine

"We are like olive trees that our ancestors planted. We are unshaken. We are unmoved. We are undeniable. Stand with us in this promise. We promise, Palestine still promises, that we will all be free." — Noura Erakat November 29th marked the International Day of...

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Resource List: Just Recovery vs Disaster Capitalism

Resource List: Just Recovery vs Disaster Capitalism

This is the fourth of our mini teach-in series with Niki Franco. Follow Niki’s work at @venusroots! Download this video to share on social media. Niki Franco is back to break down what we mean by the term “disaster capitalism” and how communities all over the world —...

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