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Small grants, big impact

Dec 15, 2015 | News & Updates

Dear friend,

Did you know that your gift to the New Economy Coalition helps resource youth on the frontlines of ecological and economic change? Each year, NEC’s Regranting Program supports dozens of projects working on a variety of campaigns, from combating climate change to fighting for racial justice and building local solidarity economies.

Please make a gift today.

With your help, we granted over $40,000 this year to youth-led initiatives like Enlace’s “Breaking the Chains” convergence: a collaborative multi-racial, multi-sector vision-making and strategy session for people and organizations in the fight to end criminalization through prison divestment. Over the course of the three-day gathering in Boca Raton, Florida last April, upwards of 160 people from more than 40 organizations led and participated in workshops and strategy sessions and held a demonstration outside of the headquarters of GEO Group, a for-profit prison company.

Your gift to NEC will help us continue to support groups and initiatives like these at the frontlines of building a new economy. Please contribute today.

NEC’s Regranting Program is designed for maximum impact: through our national network of grassroots groups, we’re able to make small grants with a big impact at just the moment they’re most needed. Our nimble approach and grassroots connections allow us to support important projects that don’t have adequate access to foundations and donors.

I hope you will consider contributing to support the work of the New Economy Coalition and grantees like Enlace.

Thank you,
Anand Jahi
Program Director, New Economy Coalition

P.S. If you donate anytime this December, we’ll send you an inspiring poster as thanks—no matter the amount you choose to give!



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