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The History and Future of the Community Development Finance Movement

Jul 1, 2016 | Resources

Community Development Credit Unions have long been working for racial justice and innovating in economic justice. Part of the larger community development finance institution (CDFI) movement, these institutions are today boldly lending to undocumented immigrants, fighting predatory lending, preserving historic Black and farmworker CUs, financing worker coops and land trusts, and building partnerships to fund the new economy. Part history lesson, part show and tell, and part participatory debate, three practitioners from the field lead a session to engage participants in how they might access, build, challenge and partner with CDFIs in their own geographies to sustain the new economy.

Kristen Cox (Self-Help)
Deyanira Del Rio (New Economy Project)
Melissa Marquez

Filmed at CommonBound 2016 in Buffalo, NY. Videography by the Extraenvironmentalists ( ).



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