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11 New Members!

Jun 26, 2017 | News & Updates

We're thrilled to welcome 11 new organizations who have joined our coalition between May and June:

Salish Sea Cooperative Finance

Founded in 2014, Salish Sea Cooperative Finance (SSCoFi) is a cooperatively owned social enterprise which refinances high interest student loans in Washington State by reinvesting its members’ financial resources. SSCoFi reimagines community potential by returning profits to its members, and supports our debtor-members through fiscal education, mentorship, and community.

Reentry and Preparedness (REAP)

Reentry and Preparedness (REAP) is an Arizona nonprofit 501(c)(3) with legal status as of 2009. Its purpose is to increase economic and social viability among those people living on Native American reservations who are redeveloping a relationship with family and tribal members after a long absence such as prison or jail or veteran status, recovering from long term unemployment, or other stressful situations, and other tribal members.

Center for Popular Economics

The Center for Popular Economics is a nonprofit collective of political economists based in Amherst, MA. Since our founding in 1979, thousands of people have participated in our workshops and Institutes. Our programs and publications demystify the economy and put useful economic tools in the hands of people fighting for social and economic justice. We examine root causes of economic inequality and injustice including systems of oppression based on race, class, gender, nation and ethnicity. CPE provides a forum for activists, organizers, educators, and progressive economists to come together, learn from one another and work to build a movement for social and economic justice.

Clean Energy Works

Clean Energy Works connects champions of energy efficiency and renewable energy with resources that accelerate investment in clean energy solutions. As an advocate for inclusive financing, Clean Energy Works helps communities break financial barriers to access found with traditional finance models, opening the clean energy economy to all.

Round Sky Solutions

Round Sky empowers collaborative leaders and visionaries dedicated to world-changing results through Coaching, Courses, and Organizational Trainings with Collab™, our practical and holistic toolkit for democratic decision-making, communication, and leadership practices.

Kentucky Student Environmental Coalition

The Kentucky Student Environmental Coalition connects and empowers young Kentuckians to take action for a just, sustainable Kentucky through training, leadership development, and civic engagement. In a state that many youth feel compelled to leave in order to find success, KSEC helps them envision and create the Kentucky they need.

One Voice

Our mission is to ensure an equal voice to traditionally silenced communities across the South. We believe that by building community awareness and increasing the capacity of communities, local organizations and leaders are empowered and provided opportunities to engage in the formation of public policy that affects their lives.


Research|Action Cooperative is a collective of researchers and campaigners serving the solidarity economy and labor movement.


CooperationWorks! strengthens America’s cooperative movement by building and empowering a network of skilled cooperative development practitioners. They envision a world where thriving, cooperatively-owned enterprises are the bridge to a just, resilient democracy.

Los Jardines Institute

The purpose of Los Jardines Institute is to build and support healthy and sustainable communities and spaces. We do this by providing opportunities that promote multi-generational, community-based models of learning, sharing, and building community. The Institute privileges traditional, land-based ways of knowing in the places “where we live, work, play, pray, and go to school.” By helping to build support for rural and urban agriculture, sustainability, and healthy communities we support and sustain each other as we reclaim knowledge, build community and power that recognizes our geographic, resource, human and species interdependence.

Community Wealth Building Network (of Metro Denver)

The mission of Community Wealth Building Network is to mobilize, facilitate, and coordinate community wealth building efforts with the practical objectives of widening community education on economic alternatives, enhancing diverse participation and fostering viable projects for the creation of just and sustainable jobs in the Denver region.



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