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Divestment: What can we do to move our money, today?

Oct 1, 2017 | Resources

There is great opportunity coming off the heels of the powerful organizing, victories and increasingly unified work among Fossil Fuel Divestment, Prison Divestment, DeFundDAPL, DeFundPipelines, BDS (Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions), and BankExit groups. 

In coordination with Divest the Globe Week of Actions, we are hosting a nuts-and-bolts webinar on what you can do, today, to move your money out of the extractive Wall Street economy and into local community institutions financing a better economy.

This webinar will cover models for divestment campaigns in cities,
tools for individuals and non-profits to move their money,
and resources to move capital as an individual or part of a campaign.
Webinar panelists & moderators include:

Jackie Fielder, Organizer, Mazaska Talks
Emma Guttman-Slater, Beneficial State Foundation
Annie McShiras, Self-Help Federal Credit Union

The speakers will share information and resources that you can use individually or in your cities or institutions to move capital. The webinar will include specific ideas participants will be able to implement immediately, discussion of long-term organizing opportunities, as well as time for Q&A.


Organized by New Economy Coalition, Self-Help Federal Credit Union, and Beneficial State Foundation



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