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New Economy Roundup: Black Co-op Futures, Reproductive Justice Wins, Land-based Healing

Feb 24, 2022 | New Economy Roundup

This week we’re talking about Black cooperative economics, the 2021 worker co-op State of the Sector report, wins for reproductive justice in Latin America, worker power in Haiti and Mexico, land-based healing in Lebanon, and more.


“The Freedom Quilting Bee, a Black-owned textile cooperative, was born in the civil rights movement as a way for poor black craftswomen in the Alabama Black Belt to earn money for their families. Credit: Birmingham, Ala. Public Library Archives”

Black History & Futures Month: This month and always, we honor the generations of radical Black cooperators who have always led and grown the solidarity economy — building economies of cooperation, mutual aid, and care to survive and build alternatives to the violence of racial capitalism. Learn more about the rich history and practice of Black cooperative economics by digging into these resources from NEC members:

State of the Worker Co-op Sector: From the media to the restaurant industry to lobstermen unions, 2021 was a big year for co-ops. Check out some of the major developments in the cooperative world in the 2021 Worker Co-op State of the Sector Report, co-produced by NEC members the US Federation of Worker Cooperatives and the Democracy at Work Institute.

Lessons for a Just Transition: From the Texas freeze to record breaking West Coast fires last year, the climate is changing faster than ever and putting frontline communities at the greatest risk. Read why building a Just Transition means reimagining and reconstructing our energy systems to be more democratic and adaptable to climate chaos, while “putting stewardship back into the hands of people who recognize how to live in right relationship with the Earth.”


Reproductive Justice Win in Colombia: This week, Colombia became the third country in Latin America to decriminalize abortion, following Mexico and Argentina. Read more about the decision and the powerful popular movements for reproductive justice and bodily autonomy growing across Latin America.

Land-based Healing in Lebanon: In 2020, the Tariq El Nahl herbal collective was formed to respond to the pain of the explosion in Beirut with collective healing. Learn more about how the herbal collective is using land-based practices – including herbal medicine toolkits and native botanical gardens – to reclaim ancestral knowledge and create spaces for healing.

Worker Protests in Haiti: Last week, thousands of garment workers hit the streets of Port-au-Prince to denounce the $4 a day wage, and to demand an end to the exploitation they suffer at the hands of US-based clothing retailers. Read more about the arduous fight for liberation in Haiti and how the National Union of Haitian Workers is negotiating decent wages.

Forming Unions in Mexico: In northern Mexico, many workers are represented by employer-friendly” unions that tend to benefit the bosses and multinationals, while disregarding workers rights. Read how a group of maquiladora workers in Matamoros are organizing to form a new union that truly represents their interests.


Resist a return to normal, build a just transition now! Last week we launched RESIST & BUILD, a 5 part series aimed at sparking radical imagination by sharing stories of grassroots power and struggles for community self-determination.

This is part of a collective effort with Climate Justice Alliance and Movement Generation. Key topics include: Community-Controlled Health Care, Housing as a Human Right, Just Transition and Climate Justice, Regenerative Finance, Land Back & Indigenous Sovereignty. See the full series and share on social media.





Road to Repair – Road to Repair is a podcast exploring our journey out of a “business as usual” economy, towards a post-capitalist one rooted in justice, solidarity, and our collective liberation. In season one, the co-hosts Jessica Norwood, Nikishka Iyengar, and Andrew X introduce themselves and interview practitioners and organizers working towards repair.

Yours, Mine, and Ours! – Produced by NEC member org Boston Ujima Project to highlight the businesses of Ujima’s Good Business Alliance, created for the community, by the community, with a special emphasis on Ujima’s good business standards.

COVID, the United States, and “Health Communism” – In this episode of Upstream, hear from Beatrice Alder-Bolton about the structural causes of skyrocketing COVID rates, the rotting foundations of the U.S. healthcare system, and paths forward.


What the H*ck is Non-Extractive Financing? “Non-Extractive Financing is a type of lending that re-imagines the relationship between debt, individuals, and the collective.” – NEC member org Cooperation Buffalo.

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