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New Economy Roundup: #Striketober, Co-ops vs. the Gig Economy, Growing Mutual Aid

Oct 28, 2021 | New Economy Roundup

In order to create space for our staff to focus on network building, we’ve decided this will be our last New Economy Roundup of the year. It’s bittersweet to announce, but don’t worry — we’ll be back in 2022! Please take this quick survey to let us know what you love about the Roundup and what you’d like to see change next year. We appreciate your readership and your help in shaping this resource, and look forward to reading your feedback!

This week we’re talking about the growing wave of strikes around the world, frontline climate solutions, how Black co-ops are carrying forward legacies of care and survival, cooperative alternatives to the gig economy, the connections between mutual aid and the solidarity economy, and more.

Stories from the Field

#Striketober: During the pandemic, billionaires’ wealth has surged by 70%, while workers have been subjected to increased hazards and low pay. Now, an estimated 100,000 workers are on strike across the country – from healthcare workers to coal miners to taxi drivers, film crews and factory workers. Show solidarity with local workers on strike in your area, and learn how the pandemic is inspiring more people to #FireTheBosses and start worker-owned enterprises.

GND & Solidarity Economics: For the next two weeks, youth-led climate movements are taking to the streets to demand big banks stop financing fossil fuel infrastructure. Join Climate Justice Alliance’s global call for frontline climate solutions at COP 26, and then read why a Green New Deal requires a solidarity economy.

Black Co-op Power in the South: “In the relentless presence of racist, institutional violence, cooperative economics is often the only means of survival [for Black communities].” Read how the Pecan Milk Cooperative in Atlanta is building on this legacy and putting economic power back in the hands of queer Black people in the South.

Solidarity Economies Abroad

Co-op Alternatives to the Gig Economy: Last month, striking couriers in Greece won an impressive victory against delivery company Efood. In addition to organizing and leveraging their labor power, read how these workers are building cooperative alternatives to exit the exploitative gig economy. One example is CoopCycle, a federation of worker-owned courier platforms that have set up courier co-ops in 63 cities across Europe.

Public Banking Around the World: Last week, NEC member organization New Economy Project hosted an exciting convening on public banks around the world. Watch the recording to hear activists from Chile, the UK, and Argentina discuss key findings from a new report surveying seven public banks on four continents, and learn how you can take action to create local public banks.

General Strike in South Korea: On October 20, an estimated 500,000 workers in South Korea participated in a general strike to demand fair working conditions, greater decision-making power for workers, and the nationalization of certain economic sectors. Read more about their demands and lessons that can be learned for labor organizing in the US.

Worker Co-op Week

Join NEC member organization the US Federation of Worker Cooperatives (USFWC) for #WorkerCoopWeek from November 3-5! Sessions were made to inspire with topics ranging from carrying on the legacy of Black cooperative visionaries, discovering financial tools for immigrant workers, securing health care for worker co-ops and more. Register today at

NASCO Institute 2021: Mutual Aid

Join NEC member organization the North American Students of Cooperation (NASCO) for the 44th annual NASCO Institute, taking place from November 12-14! The theme of this year’s gathering is Mutual Aid. It will spotlight examples of mutual aid networks, inter co-op mutual aid organizing, with skill shares and support for how you can build and support mutual aid networks near you. Register today at

Movement News

Podcasts of the New Economy

In this episode of Cooperative Journal, Ebony Gustave speaks with organizers from STL Mutual Aid — including Julia Ho of NEC member organization Solidarity Economy St. Louis — about how they have built a robust network of care in their community. Tune in to learn how mutual aid can be used to introduce people to the solidarity economy, peer-2-peer learning between cooperatives and mutual aid initiatives, taking a holistic approach to fulfilling needs, and more.

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Upcoming Events

Capitalism: The Roots, Ruin & Lessons for What Comes Next
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The Cultural Economy We Want: Cooperatives
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We Won’t Go Back: WTF is Normal?
Join Peopleshub with disabled organizers and artists to explore stories about vaccines, medications, institutions, prisons, and the impact of “returning to normal” on our daily lives. (Nov 9-10 – Online)

Remaking the Economy: Finding the Levers for System Change
Join Nonprofit Quarterly to consider the complexities of how system change happens— addressing that question from multiple vantage points: including community-based economic development, electoral organizing, and large-group facilitation. (Nov 10 – Online)

Union Co-op Symposium
The Union Co-op model joins the best tenets of the labor movement with opportunities for sustainable wealth-building and self-determination. This 2-day gathering, sponsored by Co-op Cincy and 1 Worker 1 Vote, will provide community-building opportunities and workable strategies for forming, running, and nurturing union worker cooperatives. (Nov 12-13 – Online)

Platform Cooperatives Now
Join 80 cooperative workers, trade unionists, policymakers, and activists from over 20 countries to assess how platform cooperatives have responded to the pandemic, analyze policies, and discuss current experiments with data cooperatives. (Nov 12-18 – Online/In Person)



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